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Available for all school-aged children playing Cricket Blasters or in the Junior Competition.

Voucher claimed at time of registration with Play Cricket. No need to fill out form on the Sport Voucher web-site.

Keswick Cricket Club was founded in 1942, with the principle of, “giving anyone who wants to play a game of cricket, an opportunity to play”. We welcome all junior players – providing a relaxed, family-friendly environment, catering for players regardless of age or ability.

We are currently building a strong junior program at Keswick, which is growing year-by-year. In season 2022/23 we will be fielding U10, U12, U14 and U16 on Sunday mornings and U12 Girls and U16 Girls on Friday nights. 

Keswick also offers the Woolworths Cricket Blast program for our mini-cricketers from 5 years of age. Junior Blasters is a fun, 60-minute session for 5-7 year olds, where kids can learn new skills and make friends in a relaxed, play-based environment. Master Blasters offers fun mini-cricket matches for kids aged 7-10 years with basic cricket skills, but who aren’t quite ready for the Junior Competition. Sessions are 90 minutes in duration.


Keswick Cricket Club are lucky enough to have Immanuel College at Novar Gardens as our main home ground for training and junior games. We have 2 ovals at Immanuel College, Meier Oval which is located at the main entrance from Morphett Road and Morphett Field which is located at the back of the school off Saratoga Drive. We also use West Beach Primary School and Brighton High School for Sunday games.


Training will run on Tuesday  at Immanuel College or Plympton Primary School. Our training sessions will be overseen by qualified training coaches for each age group but we also actively encourage parents to get involved at training. We highly encourage all players to attend training every week. Timely arrival is important for developing team work, coach respect and to ensure the session finishes on time. We aim to provide a dynamic range of training skills including, bowling and batting practice in the nets, field work on the oval, catching practice, throwing at stumps etc. Coaches will do their best to correct bad actions and promote good form. Senior players are often around at the same time and help provide advice for juniors on technique etc. We encourage you to do additional training in your own time, this can be as simple as throwing the ball with a friend or family member, hitting balls, net-work if possible, aiming at a stump, rolling your arm over etc. We also encourage players to purchase and wear a Keswick training top to all training, also to bring a hat, bottle of water and sunscreen to training. Training times are as follows

U10 5pm – 6pm                              U12 4.30pm – 6pm or 5pm – 6.30pm                                   U14 5.30pm – 7pm                                U16 5.30pm – 7pm


Each team requires a team coach. This is a volunteer position to be filled by family members of the playing group. We actively encourage parents to get involved on game day. Ways in which families can help, include: umpiring, game-day scoring, training and field set-up. These positions need to be filled every game by parents or the games aren’t able to go ahead.

Please let Ross know if you’re available to volunteer and help your child’s team. *All volunteers are required to possess a Working with Children Certificate. Which we can organise for you*


All Sunday mornings games start at 8.30am or 9am and Friday games start at 5pm. Players are encouraged to wear a Keswick playing shirt and Keswick hat. Please arrive 30 mins prior to the game starting.


Keswick Cricket Club playing shirts, club shirts, hoodies, shorts & caps are available to purchase through the club. It is important for all players to wear the club playing shirts and club hats when playing on game day. White/Cream cricket pants are also required for games. We also encourage players to wear a Keswick training top to training(free on payment of full subs).


Keswick Cricket Club requires all players to register and pay subscriptions on line via online registration will be available early August to all existing players and siblings at first instance. Parents can claim the Government Sports Voucher in the registration process. Interested new players should contact the Junior Co-Ordinator before registering – Ross Ormsby or 0410 729 941.


** Due to Covid19 SA Health have advised all cricket clubs to not provide club gear for the playing group to use during games and training **


Wearing of British Standards (BS7928:2013) approved helmets is mandatory while batting and wicket keeping.


Keswick Cricket Club follows the guidelines outlined by the South Central Junior Cricket Association, Playing Conditions, Hot Weather Policy.

No play if on Saturday at 6:00pm the Adelaide forecast is 38 degrees or higher, on the BOM for the match day (Sunday), all play will be cancelled. On any weekday if the temperature is forecast for 38 degrees all play for that day will be cancelled. For full details of this policy, please see the official SCJCA rules. This is for your safety and we expect you to take responsibility for this.

All players must bring along plenty of fluid to drink (preferably cool water). Use sunscreen and hats to minimise sun exposure. Take breaks in the shade. Coaches for both teams will agree on drink breaks and take into account extreme weather. Hydration is absolutely paramount for safety and efficient functioning of your body. You WILL NOT be able to play to your full potential if you are not fully hydrated. Hydration should start many hours before a game, even the night before. When you arrive at the field you should be fully hydrated, then maintaining hydration is far easier.

Training will be cancelled if the temperature is forecast for 36 degrees or higher on the BOM at Monday 6pm.


If everybody could download the MYCRICKET APP to their phone or tablet, then search for Keswick Cricket Club. This APP will have all draws and scores for all grades.

Parents can personalise the app by entering in their child’s MyCricket ID.


Parents will be required to assist with scoring on game days. This can be completed manually using a scorebook or it can be done using PLAY HQ SCORING APP. If parents wanted to familiarise themselves with this app, please download it (preferably to a tablet) and familiarise yourself with it in demo mode.


We encourage players to play hard, but fair. You are playing cricket for fun and because you enjoy it. You are also representing the club.

  1. Never argue with an umpire. If you need to voice an opinion, please do so via your coach or captain during any of the breaks.
  2. Respect your coach, team members, opposition players, umpires and any officials.
  3. There is no place in junior sports for racism, sexism, or religious vilifications.
  4. Cheer on your team mates and be a good sport.
  5. Abide by the South Central Junior Cricket Association Code of Behaviour, with reference to not only players, but also parents, coaches and the Keswick Cricket Club.