Establishment of the Keswick Cricket Club

In November 1942 the Keswick Branch of the Catholic Young Men’s Society combined with the Glenelg Branch of the Catholic Young Men’s Society to form a cricket team to participate in the Catholic Young Men’s Society Cricket Association Competition.

They played on the Colley Reserve Ground, Glenelg. A couple of years later Keswick Catholic Young Men’s Society formed their own team and played in the above Association. Keswick’s home ground was leased from the West Torrens Council and was situated behind the I.X.L. Jam Factory, Keswick (known as “The Jammy”). From these humble beginnings the Club has grown into one of the strongest cricket clubs in South Australia, at one time fielding seven teams in the Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association Competition.

Keswick has achieved many successes both on and off the field. Of course, success has not been attained without effort and the Club has indeed been fortunate in being able to attract players and administrators to carry the Club forward. Without these people the Club would surely have floundered.

Keswick has always encouraged young men to become part of the Club regardless of their ability to play cricket. I feel sure the Club has benefited from this policy, as many capable and hard-working members have been found as well as some very useful cricketers.

Sixty years ago, few, if any of us, realized at the time that the Club would still be operating more than half a century later. This history is a testament to those who have been part of the Club. Figures and statistics are a great part of any club but I am certain that when we look back we will remember the comradeship, the pleasures experienced, and the lasting friendships made when playing for the Keswick Cricket Club.

I am proud to have been associated with the Keswick Cricket Club over a period of so many years and I am certain the Club will continue to carry on the high ideals of cricket into the distant future.

I wish all members of the Keswick Cricket Club every success both on and off the field and hope that in the coming years the Club will continue to encourage young men to participate in this wonderful game called cricket.


KCC Founder


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1942 - 43

At a meeting of the Catholic Young Men’s Society of South Australia held on the 20th October 1942, it was resolved that the Catholic Young Men’s Society Saturday Cricket Association be formed. Teams were entered from Adelaide, Thebarton, Prospect, Goodwood, Glenelg & Keswick (combined) and St. Patricks.

Due to wartime enlistments causing a serious loss of membership, it was suggested that clubs should look to younger members to carry on. As Keswick consisted of mainly members aged 14 to 17 it was decided to combine with Glenelg. The ground used was at Colley Reserve, Glenelg. While Keswick did not supply many players it did at least participate.

Some of the players from Keswick were J.Bruggy, L.Brown, C.Brown, J.Chapman, J.Brennan, W.Molloy and J.Heptinstall.

The first match Keswick-Glenelg played was against St. Patricks at St. Patricks ground in the South Parklands. St. Patricks won on the first innings. The score being St. Patricks 130 defeated Keswick-Glenelg 100 & 6/104.

In the semi-finals April 10th-17th, Keswick-Glenelg were defeated by Prospect. The scores being Keswick-Glenelg 305 and Prospect 6/307.

Following the success of the Cricket Competition it was decided to conduct a Football Association. During the winter of 1943, Goodwood and Keswick combined to enter a football team in the C.Y.M.S. Football Competition.

J.Bruggy from Keswick was elected Vice-Captain of the combination. J.Bruggy kicked seven goals in their first match against Hindmarsh.

Keswick-Goodwood finished the season with the wooden spoon.

1943 - 44

Following the success of the Keswick-Goodwood football combination it was decided to use the same combination on the cricket field.

J.Bruggy of Keswick was an outstanding player, as was F.McCarthy.

The Keswick-Goodwood team finished second in the minor round and were defeated by Hindmarsh in the Preliminary Final.

In football, Keswick-Goodwood finished in sixth position with six points. J.Bruggy being runner-up in the Fairest and Most Brilliant Awards.

1944 - 45

Keswick C.Y.M.S. decided to field a cricket team in the C.Y.M.S. Cricket Association and played its first match against Thebarton C.Y.M.S. on Thebarton’s ground at Boy’s Town, Brooklyn Park (later known as Salesian College).

Results of the first match were Thebarton 6/257 defeating Keswick 101 and 51 (J.Montgomery – Captain).

* J. Chapman scored the first run

* J.Montgomery took the first wicket with his first ball

* J.Megins scored the first four

* J.Megins scored the first half-century (58)

Keswick finished the season in last position.

Keswick’s first home ground was between the I.X.L. Jam Factory at Manchester Road, Mile End. It was leased from West Torrens Council and was a paddock of grass with a cricket pitch in the middle.

John Taylor and his son Jack (Captain of West Adelaide League Football Team) used to exercise their race horses Kunimonic and Old Jack around a makeshift track bordering the ground.

The Army had a salvage depot at the southern end of the ground and stored empty wooden boxes on the border of the ground. We decided to do a little clearing of the excess grass, and after a short period of digging we decided to do a small burn-off. The inevitable happened of course. The fire got away from us and headed towards the empty boxes. Panic ensued. The workers at the Vacuum Oil Company Depot at the opposite end of the ground rushed out to see what was happening. Fortunately, a fire break slowed the flames and allowed us to control the blaze.

Our next attempt at grass clearing was held when the wind was blowing away from the Army Salvage Depot. We lit the fire and had everything under control until a sudden gust of wind sprung up and the fire was out of control and heading for the Vacuum Oil Company Depot. Once again the workers from the Depot rushed out to see what was happening. Luckily, the makeshift race track around the ground enabled us to control the outbreak. That was our last attempt at grass clearing.

1945 - 46

Keswick once again fielded a team in the C.Y.M.S. Competition and the home ground was the unburned ground known as “The Jammy”.

Keswick finished in eighth position and compiled 8 premiership points.

Members who played in that season included: J. Chapman, F. Vincent, J. Heptinstall, K. Moroney, B. Marlin, C. Luxton, J. Megins, K. Irwin, M. McDonald, B. Chapman, R. Leroy, J. Battley, B. Battley, J. Sexton, J. Brennan, J. Walsh, L. Brown, J. Lynch, J. Warne, B. O’Leary and C. Brown.

C. Luxton took 9/28 v Adelaide C.Y.M.S. The best individual bowling performance for the club.

1946 - 47

Owing to the enlistments in the services and other commitments it was decided to suspend the entry of a cricket team in the C.Y.M.S. Competition.

1947 - 48

It was decided to enter one team in the C.Y.M.S. Competition and our home ground was a piece of cleared ground belonging to the Morgan family at Kurralta Park.

​We laid our own pitch, running approximately North and South. The ground had been a fruit orchard and still contained several trees. These had to be grubbed out before we could commence playing. Never the less we had a good season, finishing in the middle of the competition.

Some of the players were: J. Heptinstall, (Captain), R. Rice, J. Chapman, J. Brennan, B. Brennan, G. Wright, C. Brown, D. Fitzgerald, J. Walsh, P. Donaghey, M. McDonald, L. Brown, K. Harnett, E. Harnett, P. McInerney and D. Farrant.

1948 - 49

Our home ground was once again Morgan Memorial Oval. Two teams were entered in the C.Y.M.S. Competition and were known as the “Red Team” and the “White Team”. The players were allotted to their respective teams before the season started and played in that team for the rest of the season.



Captains were elected and finance was provided by the Keswick Branch of the C.Y.M.S. for the purchase of equipment. Ball fees were charged to cover the cost of balls.

Neither team participated in the finals but both teams were competitive.

In the Annual Competition between Victoria C.Y.M.S., Adelaide C.Y.M.S. and Sydney C.Y.M.S. J.Heptinstall was selected to play in the match against Victoria. He made eight runs.

Players for Keswick C.Y.M.S. Teams

White Team

Joe Heptinstall (C), J.Chapman, J.Walsh, C.Brown, J.Warne, R.Rice, B.Chapman, C.McCarthy, E.Harnett, P.Morgan, L.Brown, J.Battley, J.Megins

Red Team

J.Brennan, J.Lynch, D.McNamara, J.Monahan, P.Foody, D.O’Leary, J.Connor-Smith, J.Norley, Pat Hurley, P.Donaghey, K.Harnett, R.Brennan, P.McInerney, B.Slattery, T.Morgan

Against Adelaide C.Y.M.S. C.Brown opened the batting and was last man out with the total at 97. Colin had contributed 71 runs.

Against Thebarton C.Y.M.S. the first century opening partnership was recorded (103 runs) – C.Brown 70 and J.Heptinstall 36. The team declared at 6/278.

C. Brown scored the first century for the club – 146 runs, Keswick White v Thebarton.

1949 - 50

Once again our home ground was Morgan’s Memorial Oval, Kurralta Park.

J. Lynch scored 103 on 8th October 1949 against Thebarton.

P. McInerney took 5/74 in the same match.

C. Brown scored another century. It was against Adelaide C.Y.M.S.

B. Chapman and J. Heptinstall were selected to represent Association against Mt. Gambier C.Y.M.S. District. Chapman made 8 and Heptinstall 19.

P. Connell of Goodwood C.Y.M.S. made 66 and took 5/16.

The scores were Metropolitan 187, defeated Mt. Gambier District 146.

We played electric light cricket against the Thebarton C.Y.M.S. and Sunday cricket matches against “The Royals” and Windsor Apparel teams.

In the semi-final against Thebarton, on the Hindmarsh ground, Thebarton compiled 458 (McKeogh 238 retired, J. Ahern 103). Keswick used ten bowlers. McKeogh was dropped on 36. Keswick White replied with 312.

Joe Heptinstall 27     J.Chapman 48

L.Brown 1                 C.Brown 146

B.Slattery 47             J.Warne 2

K.Harnett 7               J.Brennan 3

J.Battley 1                E.Harnett 0

J.Childs 4                  Extras 26

Players for Keswick Teams

Keswick Red

B.Chapman, G.McCarthy, P.McInerney, J.Connor-Smith, J.Norley, P.Morgan, P.Donaghey, B.Holland, R.Brennan, Pat Hurley, T.Morgan, J.Lynch, D.O’Leary, D.McNamara, J.Monahan

Keswick White

J.Heptinstall, D.Barbar, C.Brown, J.Bishop, J.Warne, J.Battley, J.Walsh, L.Brown, J.Brennan, E.Harnett, K.Harnett, D.Cox, P.Stevens, J.Chapman

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1950 - 51

In the match Keswick Red vs Thebarton, the Harnett brothers Eddie and Kevin, dismissed all the opposition batsmen. Eddie taking 6/33, Kevin 3/35. Thebarton was one player short. When Keswick White played Thebarton, C.Brown made 85 runs and P. Foody took 4 wickets for 47. 

Both Keswick teams performed well without taking out the premiership.

Players for the Keswick Teams

Keswick Red

R Brennan (C), B Chapman, M Kempson, K Harnett, E Harnett, G McCarthy, D Roach, J Norley, B Slattery, Pat Hurley, J Connor-Smith, J Lynch


Keswick White

Joe Heptinstall (C), L Brown, C Brown, J Monahan, J Brennan, D McNamara, P Foody, J Warne, J O’Dea, J Chapman, P Morgan, J Bishop, D Barbaro

In the Association match against the previous year’s premier side Alberton, Keswick provided three representatives – J Heptinstall 27, J Lynch 24 & J Monahan 3.

To raise funds for equipment we held a monthly dance. The entrance fee charged was two shillings. Supper was provided free.

We played our first annual match against Hamley Bridge at Hamley Bridge Oval. This was to continue for several years. We also played them at football.

Keswick were runners-up in the Grand Final.

1951 - 52

Players for the Keswick Teams

Keswick Red

R Brennan (C), J Lynch, E Harnett, M Kempson, M Hewitt, K Eglington, R Tetchell, J Connor-Smith, Pat Hurley, B Slattery, B Chapman, D Cox, J Norley

Keswick White

J Heptinstall (C), P Foody, J Bishop, J Monahan, G McCarthy, P Stevens, C Brown, J O’Dea, J Walsh, D Barbaro, B Thompson, J Chapman, J Warne, J Brennan

In the Inter-Association match against East Torrens, Keswick was represented by B.Slattery, C.Brown, J.Lynch, J.Bishop, and K.Eglinton.

Against Thebarton, D. Barbaro 89 not out, J.Bishop 82 and J.Monahan 6/20 were outstanding performers.

Keswick Red participated in the finals.

1952 - 53

In the Inter-Association match against East Torrens Association, we were represented by B Slattery, C Brown, J Lynch, J Bishop, and K Eglinton. J Lynch top scored with 51 while J.Bishop took 3/33.

​Keswick Red won what was to be the last premiership in the C.Y.M.S. Competition.

Players for the Keswick Teams

Keswick White

Joe Heptinstall (C), K Slattery, B Thompson, J Chapman, R Sully, C Brown, J Bishop, R Jones, S Vonderwall, J Monahan, J Warne, P Foody, G McCarthy, J Brennan

Keswick Red

R Brennan (C), J Lynch, K Eglington, J Green, M Hewitt, B Slattery, J Connor-Smith, E Harnett, J Dollard, P Stevens, T Martin, M Kempson, R Tatchell, R Jenkins, Pat Hurley, E Hurley, F Best

1953-54 to 1959-60

Keswick C.Y.M.S. Cricket Club joins Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association.

In 1953, the C.Y.M.S. Cricket Competition dissolved and a number of teams from this Association joined the Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association. The Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association had been in existence since 1899 and was the major hard wicket Association in South Australia.

​During the fifties, Keswick C.Y.M.S. fielded two teams. Players were selected and placed in either Keswick C.Y.M.S. Red or Keswick C.Y.M.S. White at the beginning of the season and remained in that team for the season.

For the first few years, both teams were of approximately equal strength. This changed later when Keswick C.Y.M.S. White progressed more quickly than Keswick C.Y.M.S. Red. With the advent of a crop of younger players, the Red Team was composed of mainly youthful players plus a few senior players.

​Finance was always difficult and funds were raised by nominal player subscriptions, dances, raffles, and chop-picnics (BBQs). But by far our most successful form of fund raising was House Parties. Probably the forerunner of the Adelaide Casino.



​We played an annual cricket match against Hamley Bridge Cricket Club at Hamley Bridge Oval. Our members would stay overnight at the town’s hotel. These were very enjoyable occasions and we made many enduring friendships.

We also played football against Hamley Bridge Football Club. We always drew a good crowd as we had several prominent league players in our ranks.

Eudunda was another club we played against plus several Sunday games against some of the Adelaide Metropolitan teams.

​In season 1953-54 Keswick C.Y.M.S. Red was captained by Bob Brennan and Keswick C.Y.M.S. White was captained by Joe Heptinstall.

​In the early years with Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association our home grounds were in the parklands opposite the Methodist Ladies College (now Annesley) and the ground between Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue and Goodwood Road.

​In season 1959-60 we secured the lease on a ground from the West Beach Recreation Reserve Trust (opposite the drive-in theatre). We played on this oval for the next twenty one years. It was considered to be one of the best grounds in the Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association with excellent ground conditions and change room facilities.

​Kevin Anderson, later to be conferred Life Membership, played his first game on the 27th March 1954. He did not bat and took 0 for 6. He made rapid improvement over the next few seasons.

​In opposition teams were two players who received Life Membership from Keswick Cricket Club. They were namely Peter Connell (Goodwood C.Y.M.S.) and Peter Foody (Taxation Cricket Club).

​In the club’s second season in the Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association, Keswick White finished second and was promoted to Division 4. The White’s continued to rise and by season 1960-61 they took their position in Division I.

​Several players throughout the 50’s era were rewarded for their excellence with Association Batting and Bowling Trophies.

Bowling trophies were won by Joe Heptinstall in 1953–54 with 37 wkts, Pat Hurley in 1954–55 with 50 wkts, Peter Foody in 1957–58 with 52 wkts and J. A’Hern in 1958–59 with 61 wickets. The batting trophy was won by J. Bishop in 1958–59, scoring 548 runs.

​The first century scored in the Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association was 101 not out by Joe Heptinstall against Long Range Weapons on the 24th and 31st October 1953.

​Batsmen predominated in the first season, as one player made over 450 Runs (J. Bishop). Four players in excess of 350 Runs, two players over 300 Runs and two players over 250 Runs.


1959 ASCA Premiership Certificate Keswick Cricket Club

Our first premiership in the Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association was achieved in season 1958-59 when Keswick C.M.Y.S. White under the captaincy of Joe Heptinstall went undefeated in Division III.

The team amassed 96 premiership points, believed to be the highest number of points scored in one season in the Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association.

​Towards the end of the fifties three future Life Members commenced their playing careers with the club. They were John Robinson – 1958-59, Daryl Thalbourne – 1958-59 and Peter Connell – 1959-60. These players maintained a very long association with the club at both an administrative and playing capacity for around twenty five years.

​Some highlights of the fifties with the Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association were:

  • Brian Slattery 156x against Long Range Weapons on 2nd March 1957.
  • Joe Heptinstall 166 versus Kenilworth on 29th November 1954.
  • Jack Bishop 174 versus South Road on 29th November 1958.
  • ​In the season 1958-59 John A’Hern took 61 Wickets at an average of 8.5 runs per wicket.
  • On March 5th 1960, John Wells and Dominic Barbaro versus Magill United had an opening stand of 206. John Wells made 122x and Dominic Barbaro made 107.
  • Dominic Barbaro took a hat trick including 4 Wickets in 5 Balls playing for Keswick Red versus Civil Aviation 14th February 1959.

Pat Hurley 8 Wickets for 4 Runs (including a hat-trick) against Grange in the 2nd innings 15th Dec. 1956. This is the best bowling performance ever achieved in the A. & S.C.A. by a Keswick player.

Keswick Cricket Club shield logo


Throughout most of the sixties Keswick maintained two teams in the senior section of the Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association.

​Keswick White played all of the decade in Division One and Keswick Red played all but one season in Division Four.

​Peter Connell captained the White team for six years of the decade. Other captains were Colin Brown, Joe Heptinstall and Daryl Thalbourne.

​Throughout this period the Whites had limited success finishing mostly around the middle of the competition. Our greatest success was in our first year in Division One (1960-61). We won eight matches of the eleven played. Only two new players joined the team in this season and this stability of playing personnel contributed to this strong showing. Harry Kernahan played in the first season in Division One and captured 52 Wickets, which is the highest bowling aggregate by a Keswick player in this division.

​During season 1963-64 Rob Gibson took 8 Wickets for 50 Runs. An outstanding performance in Division One.

​1963-64 was also beginning of Life Member Brian Scott’s long association with the club. He was an extremely hard working member of our Executive Committee.

​Throughout the 60’s, several Association trophies were again won by Keswick players. Kevin Anderson won the bowling trophy in 1962 – 63 and 1965 – 66 with 52 and 47 wickets respectively. S. Harris won the bowling trophy in 1968 – 69 with 61 wickets and Colin Bastian won the batting trophy in 1967 – 68 with 533 runs and again in 1969 – 70 with 550 runs.

​Towards the end of the decade Keswick White suffered a loss of players through retirements and transfers and in its last two seasons (1969-70 and 1970-71) in Division One won only one match.

​In season 1968-69 the team names of Keswick White and Keswick Red were dropped and in this season the club fielded Keswick I and Keswick II for the first time.

​In season 1965-66 a junior competition was formed by the Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association. This competition ran for a number of years. We entered teams in the under 13 and under 15 grades.

​A number of club players and parents assisted with the administration of the junior teams. Some of the helpers were Mr. and Mrs. Dittmar, Mr. and Mrs. Stark, Stewart Shaw, Kevin Anderson, Joe Heptinstall and in particular Greg Brennan, who helped by coaching and managing the young players.

​This competition continued until 1974-75 when it was taken over by the schools and South Australian Cricket Association. With the influx of players from this competition we formed another side.

Season 1969-70 saw, for the first time, Keswick fielding three senior teams in Division I, III, IV plus two teams in the junior section.

​Players from the junior competition formed the nucleus of the third side. Some of the players were David Charter, John and Henry Crossley, Greg Dittmar and later Jeff Stark and Jim Crossley. Although season 1969-70 was not very successful on the field the foundations were being laid for the coming seasons.

​During the sixties the Keswick Red team was captained by four persons, namely Joe Heptinstall, Brian Chapman, Rex Simmons and Jack Toohey, three of whom are Life Members.

​The club’s third premiership was awarded to Keswick Red in season 1963-64. This team was ably led by Captain Rex Simmons and it won all of the matches it played. (Played eleven, won eleven, scored 78 premiership points).



Season 1967-68 saw Keswick Red finish runner-up in Division IV. Their success was due in no small measure to some fine bowling and steady batting. Peter Foody captured 59 Wickets for the season to win the Association Bowling trophy. His best bag being 8 Wickets for 17 Runs. He was ably assisted by Maurie Appleby.

​In 1969-70 the Keswick III team, in its first year, was captained by Col Bastion. He continued to captain the side into the early seventies. Colin, in his early career, had played against Keswick as a member of the Ascot Park Club. He made a strong contribution both on the field and in club administration over a period of seven years.

​The sixties produced several stalwarts of the club. 1965-66 saw Jack Toohey play his first game for the club. Jack, as well as captaining a team for a number of seasons was Club Treasurer for many years. “Calico Jack”, as he became known, collected match payments in his calico bag that he carried around from ground to ground. Jack was a fine Treasurer and his assistance helped put Keswick on a sound financial footing.

​Brian Chapman was, during this period, employed at Perry Engineering Company and he coerced many fine players from this establishment to join Keswick Cricket Club.

​Deane Standley was one of the recruits. Deane joined the club in 1968-69 and has had a long association with the club. He was a captain for a number of years and held a number of positions on the committee including the offices of Secretary and President. Deane was awarded Life Membership in 1981.

Keswick Cricket Club shield logo


1970 - 71

This season saw the club relegated from Division I to Division II. It was a disastrous year with A Grade, captained by Peter Connell, finishing bottom with 3 points. It was to be thirteen years before A Grade again played in Division I.

​John Robinson won the batting with 269 Runs and Chris Hunt the bowling with 17 Wickets.

​The B Grade in Division 3 finished fifth with Bill Fry 279 Runs and Graham Maloney with 29 Wickets being the outstanding players.

​Keswick III in Division 6 finished seventh. Henry Crossley won the batting with 288 Runs and Trevor Dittmar the bowling, with 25 Wickets.

​Brian Scott was the President with Joe Heptinstall Secretary and Jack Toohey Treasurer.

1971 - 72

After a disastrous previous season in which the A Grade had finished bottom and were relegated from Division I the club again fielded three sides captained by the following people:

P. Connell         (A Grade)       Division II

D. Standley      (B Grade)       Division III

C. Bastian        (C Grade)       Division IV

​The A Grade although not having an outstanding season were more consistent than the previous year, finishing eighth. The batting was won by Peter Murphy with 319 Runs and the bowling by newcomer Sam Baldwin with 41 Wickets.

​The B Grade also finished eighth with the batting won by Graham Maloney with 301 Runs and the bowling Phil Carmen, with 30 Wickets.

​The C Grade also finished near the bottom (9th) with Henry Crossley winning the batting with 408 Runs and Trevor Dittmar the bowling, with 15 Wickets.

​Although the team’s performances were mediocre it must be remembered that the club was going through a rebuilding stage. A blending of youth and experience takes time and many of the new or newer players to the club including Sam Baldwin, Jim Crossley, George Watkins, John Zadow, Henry Crossley, David Charter, Graham Maloney, Paull Bradbrook and John Garlick were to play integral parts in the future success of the club.

​The Committee was led by Colin Bastian – President, Joe Heptinstall – Secretary and Jack Toohey as Treasurer.

1972 - 73

The Club, for the first time, went to four sides with the respective captains being Peter Connell (A Grade) Division II, D. Standley (B Grade) Division III, Bill Fry (C Grade) Division IV and Greg Brennan (D Grade) Division V.

​Peter Connell resigned the Captaincy after two games and John Zadow was appointed Captain. The problems of discipline or the lack of it were the reasons behind Peter’s resignation and the combination of youth and experience brought with it problems. The A Grade was however finding its feet and this season finished fifth. Henry Crossley confirmed his outstanding potential by winning the batting with 256 Runs and Trevor Tapp confirmed his reputation as one of the quickest around by winning the bowling with 41 Wickets. Trevor also won the Association Trophy in that grade.

​The B Grade finished eighth. It must be remembered any outstanding players were quickly promoted to A Grade and this side was rarely settled. The batting was won by Kevin Taylor with 243 Runs and the bowling by Roger Brooks with 23 Wickets.

​The C Grade finished sixth with the batting won by Greg Dittmar with 212 Runs and the bowling by Paul Whaley with 58 Wickets.

​The D Grade in their first season finished fourth with Trevor McMahon winning the batting with 251 Runs and Ian Williams the bowling with 20 Wickets.

​Once again Colin Bastian was President, ably supported by Joe Heptinstall as Secretary and Jack Toohey as Treasurer. At this time the first suggestions of a club constitution were floated by Deane Standley. Indeed Deane was the prime instigator in producing the present constitution.

Two outstanding players also commenced their careers during this season, namely Allen “Horse” Liebelt and Ian “Pouchy” Ridings. Both were to become future Life Members of the Club.

​Joe Heptinstall was awarded Life Membership of the Adelaide & Suburban Cricket Association for his outstanding contributions over many years.

1973 - 74

This season saw a new President, Brian Scott, new Secretary – Deane Standley and Jack Toohey was reappointed Treasurer. This season, socially and financially, heralded the reemergence of the club as a force. Administratively the club was better organized and the move to Glengowrie High School was a crucial step in the club’s future.

​The A’s were once again captained by Peter Connell and finished fifth in Division II. The batting was won by Henry Crossley with 405 Runs and the bowling by Daryl Thalbourne with 41 Wickets.

​The B’s under Deane Standley finished eighth. The batting and bowling was won by John Garlick with 337 Runs and 31 Wickets respectively.

​Keswick III captained by Bill Fry finished eighth with John Crossley winning the batting with 233 Runs and Andrew Tamblyn the bowling with 24 Wickets.

​Brian Chapman captained Keswick IV and also won the batting with 193 Runs and bowling was won by Arthur Bradbrook with 37 Wickets.

​It was also during this season that a Player of the Year Trophy, later to be called the J.J. Heptinstall Trophy, was awarded to John Garlick.

1974 - 75

The commencement of this season saw the club again field four sides captained by P.Connell / D. Thalbourne (A Grade) in Division II, D. Standley (B Grade) Division III, Ian Cannon (C Grade) Division IV and Brian Chapman (D Grade) Division V.

​The A Grade showed continual improvement to finish third. The outstanding players were Henry Crossley with 518 Runs and Sam Baldwin with 33 Wickets.

​The B’s finished seventh with R. Morton capturing the batting trophy with 220 Runs and Greg Baldwin the bowling with 27 Wickets.

​The C Grade also finished down the table with Jamie Kilsby 182 Runs and Ian Cannon 29 Wickets, being the outstanding performers.

​The bottom grade however finished third with Captain Brian Chapman leading the way with 387 Runs to also win the Association Batting trophy and Ron Jaeckel the bowling with 20 Wickets.

​This season saw the awarding of the J.J. Heptinstall Trophy for the first time. It was duly won by Henry Crossley.

Administratively the club was once again led by President Brian Scott, Secretary Deane Standley and Treasurer Jack Toohey.

1975 - 76

The club this season had a new President – Kevin Anderson, Secretary – Deane Standley until his resignation and replacement by Paull Bradbrook and the Treasurer’s duties were continued by Jack Toohey.

​The A Grade was captained by Kevin Anderson and finished fifth. The batting was won by Ian Ridings with 231 Runs and the bowling by Sam Baldwin with 36 Wickets including 8/39.

​The B Grade in Division III captained by Ian Cannon finished fourth. Paull Bradbrook 243 Runs and Ian Cannon 29 Wickets were the outstanding contributors. Centuries by Phil Carroll 100 Not Out and Brenton Hale’s 143 were outstanding performances.

​The C Grade led by Greg Brennan in Division IV finished bottom of the Table. The batting was won by Greg Evans with 205 Runs and the bowling by Ian Yardley with 33 Wickets. Ron Jaeckel took 6 for 22 in one innings.

​The bottom grade in Division V finished fourth. Captain Brian Chapman won the batting with 274 Runs and Brett Cummins the bowling with 31 Wickets.

​The club’s outstanding cricketer, Peter Lewis won the J.J. Heptinstall Trophy.

1976 - 77

This season saw the club fielding five teams for the first time ever. We were rewarded with two premierships with the B and C Grades being successful. These were the first premierships since 1963-64.

​The A Grade was captained by club stalwart Kevin Anderson for the second year. Kevin was also Club President. Kevin led the team by example taking a magnificent 53 Wickets, which also won him the Association Trophy for the Division. Phil Carroll scored 474 Runs to win the batting award. This team also scored the club’s highest score ever – 9/391 declared against Coromandel thus breaking the previous best of 8/371 established in 1959.

​The B Grade Premiership team was captained by Ian Cannon who led a team of young emerging cricketers. Ian harnessed this talent into a formidable team, which easily won the premiership. Peter Lewis captured 50 Wickets and Andrew Kumnick scored 244 Runs.

Many of this team would eventually serve the A Grade during the eighties.

​The C Grade Premiership team was captained by Deane Standley with all members contributing to the eventual premiership. Kevin Fawcett and Arthur Bradbrook won the individual awards with 287 Runs and 35 Wickets respectively.

​The D Grade was captained by Trevor Desmond. They finished well down the table but definitely contributed to the above success. Dave Tarrant and Ray O’Toole winning the batting and bowling awards.

​Peter Connell captained the Whites, our new team, made up of players who had played for the club for many years and were now in the twilight of their careers. They were competitive and finished fourth in Section 3. John Robinson scored 395 runs, Sam Baldwin took 42 wickets including a club record 14 in one game – 7/35 and 7/38 (including a hat trick). Dean Schutz was the outstanding fieldsman of the Association winning the Bert Crowhurst Fielding Trophy with seven first votes and three second votes.

​Barry Kearsley in his first season for the club won the JJ Heptinstall Trophy as the outstanding cricketer for the year.

​At the Annual General Meeting Life Membership was awarded to Kevin Anderson, Brian Chapman, Peter Connell and Peter Foody for their outstanding service over many years. They thus joined Joe Heptinstall as Life Members.

1977 - 78

After 2 premierships last year the club was in a positive mood to build on that success.

​John Zadow was appointed captain of the A Grade and they finished fifth with Robert Meyer and Peter Lewis taking out the batting and bowling trophies.

​The B Grade finished third being captained by Ian Cannon who took out the batting award, David Charter won the bowling.

​The Whites captained by Peter Connell finished fifth with three players dominating the batting, Michael Farquhar scored 348, Peter Connell 347 and John Robinson 346 Runs. Colin Jelbert had a great year with the ball taking 42 Wickets.

​Deane Standley captained the C Grade who finished well down the ladder after winning the premiership last year. Kevin Fawcett won the batting and Simon Kibble the bowling.

​The D Grade captained by Ray O’Toole and Greg Brennan also had a disappointing year. Tony Hall won the batting award and Ray O’Toole the bowling.

​Michael Farquhar took out the JJ Heptinstall Trophy for the outstanding cricketer of the year.

​At the Annual General Meeting John Robinson, Brian Scott and Daryl Thalbourne were awarded Life Membership for their outstanding service to the club over many years.

1978 - 79

The club continued to field five teams using Glengowrie and West Beach as home grounds.

​John Zadow captained the A Grade being replaced by Paull Bradbrook during the year. The team finished fourth. Barry Kearsley and Andy Rowe being the outstanding performers winning the batting and bowling award.

​The B Grade were captained by Ian Ridings in his first appointment as Captain for the club. They eventually finished runners up to Keswick White who won the Premiership.

​Keswick White was captained magnificently by Peter Connell to a well-deserved Premiership. John Robinson, who first played for the club in season 1958-59, showed how great an all-rounder he was by winning the batting and bowling awards along with the Association bowling award for most wickets in this division, 45.

​John also won the Joe Heptinstall Trophy as the club’s outstanding cricketer for the year.

​D. Schutz was rewarded for his brilliant fielding with the Association Fielding trophy.

​Phil Drever also in his first year as captain took the C Grade to runners up with Kevin Fawcett and Danny Dunn winning the batting and bowling awards.

​Jack Toohey captained the D Grade with Greg Evans winning the batting award and Len Bartle the bowling.

​During the year Daryl Thalbourne played his 200th game for the club. Daryl has been and still is a fine member of the club.

1979 - 80

The club fielded five teams with grounds Glengowrie and West Beach.

​The A Grade captained by Paull Bradbrook finished fourth. By the end of the season this team was fielding nine players twenty two years of age or under and with promising on field performances from these players the club would benefit in years to come.

​Highlights were Jim Crossley’s two Centuries in succession and Barry Kearsley’s century in a one day game. Bob Morton captured 29 Wickets with David Charter and Kevin Anderson taking 25 each.

​Ian Ridings captained the B Grade who finished second at the end of the year. Ian also scored his first Century during the year, 104 not out. One of our younger players, Andrew Rogers, took 29 Wickets for the year to win the bowling trophy.

​Keswick White captained by Peter Connell had a disappointing year after winning the premiership the year before. John Robinson won the batting and bowling trophies for this team.

​Allen Liebelt captained the C Grade who also had a disappointing year.

​Errol Bartle captained the D Grade and also won the batting award with 518 Runs. Greg Stanford won the bowling trophy with 53 Wickets and also took out the Joe Heptinstall Trophy.

​At the Annual General Meeting Jack Toohey was awarded Life Membership for his outstanding work as Treasurer for the club. He would eventually serve the club for thirteen years as Treasurer.

​This Annual General Meeting also marked a milestone in the Club’s history. Joe Heptinstall stood down from the committee for the first time since the club started in 1942-43. As the founder of our club and the backbone for all those years Joe’s inspiration and love for cricket and Keswick has built this club into what it is now.

​As the club headed into the eighties with Kevin Anderson as President, Deane Standley as Vice-President, Bob Morton as Secretary and Jack Toohey as Treasurer Joe knew the club was being led well and continued to support the club as strong as ever.

​This was also the last year Keswick used West Beach as its home ground. The club had been there since 1959-60.

Keswick Cricket Club shield logo


The “Eighties” eventually produced four Premierships. Most importantly two of which would be A Grade.

1980 - 81

Season 1980-81 saw no major change in the Administration or Captains of the various teams.

The previous season had finished with nine players under the age of twenty two playing in the A Grade. This policy of promoting younger players with ability to the top team would, long term, prove very successful for Keswick.

Paull Bradbrook captained the A Grade, who eventually finished third. The younger players were again showing that the exposure to the top level of cricket was bringing the best out in them. Andrew Kumnick won the batting award with 438 Runs and Bob Morton again won the bowling with 38 Wickets. Paull had continued with his policy of young aggressive players and using spin bowlers with attacking fields.

​Ian Ridings captained the B Grade who finished in eighth position. Ian won the batting award, narrowly, with 230 Runs. The bowling award was shared by John Zadow and Andrew Rogers who was another youngster with tremendous ability. Both players captured 13 wickets.

​Rob Fitzell captained the C Grade who finished in sixth place. Rob shared the bowling award with Michael Sullivan, both taking 19 Wickets. Kevin Fawcett took out the batting award with 280 Runs.

​A new player to the club, Lex Horncastle, was appointed captain of the D Grade, which finished in seventh position. Lex led by example with his wicket keeping and batting, taking out the batting award with 287 Runs. David Crossley won the bowling with 28 Wickets, one ahead of Simon Diss.

​Keswick White captained by Peter Connell finished sixth. This team provided all three Association trophy winners for this section. A fine performance. Peter Sincock won the batting award with 677 Runs including a magnificent 204 not out. Sam Baldwin won the bowling with 45 Wickets. These performances earnt Peter and Sam the Association Batting and Bowling trophies. Bob Earle won the Associations Fielding Trophy with 10 first preference votes.

​Deane Standley was awarded Life Membership at the A.G.M. for his many years of service to the club. He was also elected President for the forthcoming season.

The J.J. Heptinstall Trophy was won by Peter Sincock.

​The season also saw Keswick stop using West Beach as a Cricket ground. It had been used by Keswick since season 1959-60. The new ground to be used was Morphettville Park Primary School.

1981 - 82

Season 1981-82 started with a new President, Deane Standley. Secretary – John Zadow and A Grade captain Bob Morton.

​The A Grade under Bob continued their fine performance of the previous year finishing second by 4 points and only losing two games. This side was now a force to be reckoned with and was probably the best fielding side in the Association. Barry Kearsley won the batting award with 431 Runs. Paull Bradbrook relished the opportunity to be given the new ball and won the bowling award with 32 Wickets.

​The B Grade was again captained by Ian Ridings, finishing equal third. Ian won the batting award with 230 Runs. Greg Stanford took out the bowling with 37 Wickets.

​The C Grade finished fifth under the captaining of Peter Connell. The individual performance of Peter Sincock was magnificent! 1044 Runs at an average of 104. Three centuries in succession and also winning the bowling award with 22 Wickets.

​This gave Peter the second year in a row of scoring the most runs in the Association and again winning the Assoc. batting award, now called the “Ron Halliday Trophy” for Sections 4 – 7.

Peter was also rewarded for his outstanding season by winning the J.J. Heptinstall Trophy as the cricketer of the year, with a record points score that may never be broken.

​The D Grade was captained by Rod Miller. The batting award was won by Kevin Fawcett with 308 Runs and Arthur Bradbrook winning the bowling with 30 Wickets.

​The E Grade was led by Graham Swingler. This team used a large number of players with Trevor Lewis winning the batting with 223 Runs. Simon Diss took the bowling award with 24 Wickets.

​At the A.G.M. Jack Toohey stood down after thirteen years of outstanding service as the club’s Treasurer. Jack’s expertise over the years had now left Keswick in a very sound position financially to back up their strong on field performances as well.

1982 - 83

This season started with high expectations of success. The A and B Grade had finished second and third the previous year and this had to be the year for the A Grade to win and get the club back into Division 1.

​Bob Morton captained the A Grade and what a year it became for this team. Top after the first game, top all year and then winning the last game of the year outright to make sure of the Premiership. At last Keswick were back in Division 1. The team only used fourteen players during the year with every player contributing.

Barry Kearsley won the batting with 428 Runs followed by David Charter and Jim Crossley. The bowling was won by John Zadow with 38 Wickets followed by Paull Bradbrook and Chris Davies.

The B Grade led by Ian Ridings were very unlucky to miss out on the premiership, losing the last game to the eventual premiers in what was a Grand Final game. This team contributed in no small way to the A Grade premiership by consistently putting pressure on players above them.

Damien Tonkin won both the batting and bowling awards with 222 Runs and 28 Wickets.

​The C Grade was led by Kevin Anderson and because of selections, (team above and below were always in premiership contention), struggled to be consistent during the year. Greg Evans won the batting award with 345 Runs and Greg Lindsay the bowling with 28 Wickets.

​The D Grade was led by Deane Standley and lost the premiership on percentage. The margin was 0.03 percent. Tremendous disappointment for Deane and his team after a magnificent effort during the year.

​They also lost the last game of the year as did the B Grade, otherwise Keswick would have celebrated three Premierships instead of one.

The D Grade batting was won by Rod Miller with 280 Runs and the bowling by Trevor Brown with 27 Wickets.

​The E Grade was captained by George Watkins who led his team by example scoring 610 Runs and taking 23 Wickets, thus winning those awards. George also won the Joe Heptinstall Trophy.

​This team finished fifth which was a good performance to back up the higher sides.

​A magnificent all round team performance is the only way to describe the success of this season.

The club, during this year, was led by Deane Standley – President, Kevin Anderson – Vice President, both who captained sides also. John Zadow – Secretary and Rod Miller – Treasurer.

1983 - 84

The pressure was on this season to continue the success of 82-83.

​The top three sides had been promoted to Division 1, 2 and 3.

​The season started with a new President – Rod Miller, a new A Grade captain – Bob Meyer and a new Treasurer – Val Lambert. This was a first for our club with a woman on the executive. The club also appointed Ron Miller as coach.

​A lot of changes from the success of the past but the challenge of the higher competition was to be met.

​The A Grade was captained by Bob Meyer and they finished a very commendable fourth in their first year in Division 1 for thirteen years.

​Bob won the batting with 449 Runs including two centuries. John Zadow won the bowling with 20 Wickets.

​The B Grade again captained by Ian Ridings finished in seventh position, the promotion to a higher division proving difficult.

​The batting was won by Damien Tonkin with 363 Runs and the bowling by Paull Bradbrook with 12 wickets.

​The C Grade had a year the club would prefer to forget. Four captains during the year and finishing in eleventh position. The batting was won by Lex Horncastle with 189 Runs and Greg Lindsay led the bowling with 22 Wickets.

​The D Grade was led by George Watkins until promoted and then David O’Brien. They performed well to finish in fifth position.

​Allen Liebelt won the batting with 212 Runs and David O’Brien the bowling with 36 wickets.

​A special mention of Sam Baldwin who, at fifty six years of age, was still taking his share of wickets.


Keswick E Grade was led by John Miller and this team went on to win the premiership in Division 7. It was a magnificent effort by John and his team because the fifth side, in any club, is the last one to be picked and anyone performing well during the year is normally promoted to help the higher sides.

​John Miller won the batting with 515 Runs and Tim Diss won the bowling with 25 Wickets. John also won the Joe Heptinstall Trophy for the year.

​The year would have to be one of experience for the club as the promoting of the top three sides was a lot harder than expected.

​Paull Bradbrook and Allen Liebelt were awarded Life Membership at the A.G.M. for their many years of service to the club, especially on the fund raising side.

1984 - 85

This season saw two major changes introduced as far as Keswick was concerned. Firstly, the Association conducted finals to decide the Premier team in each section. Secondly, the Keswick committee decided to field six sides.

​This was a first in the Association thus making us the largest club in the Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association. A tremendous achievement and a far cry from 1942-43.

​During this season Kevin Anderson played his 300th game for the club. Kevin has been a magnificent player, administrator and ambassador for the club. He indicated he would play on until he reached 500 games.

​The A Grade was again captained by Bob Meyer. They had a magnificent season finishing minor premiers but unfortunately lost the grand final. The loss was a bitter disappointment for the players and the club!

​Dave Thulborn took out the batting with 423 Runs with Neil Pearson claiming the bowling award with 34 Wickets.

​The B Grade was captained by Errol Bartle who also won the batting with 243 Runs. The side finished in ninth position.

Andrew Farrell took out the bowling with 17 Wickets.

​The C Grade was captained by George Watkins. This side finished in seventh position. George took out the batting award with 369 Runs and Steve Skinner the bowling with 27 Wickets.

​The D Grade captained by David O’Brien also finished in seventh position, which was a fair result considering forty players passed through this side during the year.

Gary Ridings in his first season for the club won the batting with 286 Runs and David O’Brien the bowling with 21 Wickets.

​Len Bartle captained the E Grade who also finished seventh and used forty players during the year. Ian Ridings scored 261 Runs to take out the batting and Tim Diss taking out the bowling with 15 Wickets.

​Peter Williamson had the honour of captaining the clubs first ever F Grade side. They performed beyond expectations and were a chance for the finals with one game to be played but missed out.

​Peter won the batting award with 324 Runs. Arthur Bradbrook won the bowling with 31 Wickets to go with his 192 Runs. It was these achievements, which made him winner of the Joe Heptinstall Trophy. Arthur beat his brother Paull by three points to take out the Club Champion award. Arthur also joined only a handful of Players who have taken 200 or more wickets for the club.

1985 - 86

The season started with a completely new executive committee being elected at the A.G.M. John Zadow was President, Allen Liebelt – Vice President, Tony Hardman Secretary and Paull and Lyn Bradbrook joint Treasurers. Lyn thus becoming the second woman to represent the club on the executive level. The Committee also elected a new A Grade captain in David Charter.

​We continued to field six teams using two grounds, Glengowrie and Morphettville Primary School.

​The Committee was aware that in order to field six sides we had to be very professional in the way we administered the club. The financial stability to project this club into the nineties and towards its 50th year were also a key element.

​The A Grade led by David Charter started the season with five players missing from the Grand Final side. This meant openings for other players and a chance for the younger players to be given a chance. David Reimann won the batting with 363 Runs and coupled with his wicket keeping also won the Joe Heptinstall Trophy. Barry Kearsley took out the bowling with 22 Wickets.

​The other five sides were never settled at all during this year. We used 113 players during the year and all teams finished in the bottom half of their divisions.

The captains, in section order, were Errol Bartle, Len Bartle, Ian Ridings, David O’Brien and Peter Williamson.

The batting and bowling trophies for each grade were won by, Chris Trestrail 144 runs and John Zadow 10 wickets in Sect. 2. Trevor Lambert 246 runs and Kevin Eglington 12 wickets in Sect. 3. Ian Ridings 247 runs and Grant Murphy 16 wickets in Sect. 5. David O’Brien 354 runs and 18 wickets in Sect. 6, and Peter Williamson 225 runs and Arthur Bradbrook 15 wickets in Section 7.

​Ian Ridings was awarded Life Membership for outstanding service over many years.

1986 - 87

This season was a lot more successful than the last with two teams competing in the Finals. The B Grade winning the Premiership in Section 3 and the C Grade were defeated in the semi-finals.

​The club continued to field six teams with home grounds being Glengowrie and Morphettville Park.

​David Charter captained the A Grade who again finished mid table. David led by example, scoring 250 runs in taking out the batting award. Andy Farrell won the bowling trophy by taking 23 wickets.


John Miller led the B Grade to a premiership in Section 3. The team won both their semi-final and grand final easily. Chris Trestrail led the batting with 275 Runs and Paul Petersen the bowling with 25 Wickets.

​Andrew Van Mierlo scored 103 in the semi-final against his former club. Wonder what his thoughts were when he reached his 100.

​Len Bartle’s C Grade were defeated in the semi-final after a very consistent season. The batting trophy won by Colin Greenhalgh with 264 runs and the bowling trophy won by David Hansen with 18 wickets.

​The other three sides finished middle of the table in their respective divisions.

​David O’Brien leading by example in Section 5, scoring 400 runs and taking 25 wickets.

​Ian Ridings was in charge of the E Grade in Section 6. Craig Lawn won the batting trophy with 264 runs and Stephen Toohey won the bowling trophy with 15 wickets.

​Peter Williamson captained the “F Troop”. Andrew Seacombe, with 179 runs won the batting trophy, while Steve Parsons won the bowling trophy with 27 wickets.

​Allan Webster won the Association Fielding trophy as recognition for his outstanding fielding ability throughout the season.

1987 - 88

This season commenced with John Zadow, Len Bartle, Paull and Lyn Bradbrook still as President, Vice President and Treasurers. David O’Brien was elected Secretary.

​David Charter was appointed A Grade captain for the third year.

The club appointed John Munro as club coach. This was to prove to be one of the best appointments in years.

​The year had four resignations from committee due to work pressures and David Charter, who was transferred to the country with his job, after the third game. Barry Kearsley was appointed to replace David as Captain.


This season was the most successful in the history of our club to date, with the A Grade winning the Division 1 Grand Final. John, as coach, was able to instill a fierce desire into the players and Barry Kearsley led a magnificent team, by example.

​Darren Nickolai had a wonderful year with the bat, scoring 408 Runs. Steven Clifford and David Hansen both captured 26 Wickets for the season.

​Barry’s performance to win the Joe Heptinstall Trophy as well as leading his team to a premiership in Division 1 was a magnificent performance.

​The other five teams also helped the A’s by improving their performances, with the E Grade led by Ian Ridings also making the finals, but eventually losing the semi.

​John Zadow captained the B’s to fifth position. The batting trophy was won by Colin Greenhalgh with 277 runs and the bowling trophy was won by the captain, John Zadow with 30 wickets.

​Trevor Lambert captained the C’s in Section 4, and won the batting trophy with 282 runs. Charlie McPhie won the bowling trophy with 32 wickets.

​​David O’Brien once again captained the D’s in a disappointing season. Once again “Paddy” won both the batting and bowling trophies by scoring 381 runs and taking 11 wickets.

​Ian Ridings led the C Grade to the finals as well as winning the batting trophy with 308 runs. The bowling trophy was won by Peter Bennett with 15 wickets.

​​Simon Diss was appointed for the first time as captain of the F’s who finished the season mid table. The batting trophy was won by James West with 142 runs in 5 innings and the bowling trophy was won by Simon Diss with 23 wickets.

​John Zadow was awarded Life Membership of the club for his outstanding service to the club over many years.

​The committee honoured the A grade players at a dinner later in the season with all Life Members also in attendance.

1988 - 89

Following the Division 1 premiership the previous season hopes were high for another successful year.

There were no changes to the executive committee except for Tony Hardman becoming Vice President. Barry Kearsley was reappointed to captain the A Grade

The loss of several key players did not help their chances for Back to Back premierships and they slipped to sixth position at the end of the year.

​Barry again led by example scoring 346 Runs with David Hansen continuing his fine performance from last year by capturing 32 Wickets and winning the bowling award.

​The B Grade captained by John Miller and Chris Trestrail lacked consistency and application. They finished bottom. Phil Shaw won the batting with 185 Runs, Rob Jeffrie the bowling with 13 Wickets.

​The C Grade also had a change of captains with Paull Bradbrook taking over from Steve Skinner before Christmas. This team won seven of their last eight games to just miss the finals. In one of these matches Charles McPhie performed the remarkable feat of individually capturing 14 Wickets in the same day – 7/54 and 7/41. He went on to win the bowling award with 31 Wickets. Paull Bradbrook led by example scoring 414 Runs to win the batting.

​David O’Brien’s D Grade was the only team to make the finals, eventually losing the semi-final because of a poor batting performance. David won the batting with 320 Runs and Lou Wisman the bowling with 18 Wickets.

​Ian Ridings and Simon Diss captained the bottom two sides that used Forbes Primary School as the home ground.

Ian’s side finished in eighth position with Craig Lawn winning the batting with 233 Runs. Kevin Anderson played his 350th game for the club during this year and celebrated by winning the bowling award with 27 Wickets.

​The F’s under Simon Diss went from Top at Christmas to fifth at the end of the season. Luke Mulcahy won the batting narrowly from Kevin Caulfield with 338 Runs and Darryl Donaldson the bowling with 38 Wickets.

​Kevin Caulfield, a future Life Member of the club, won the Joe Heptinstall Trophy in his first year for the club.

​Kevin Anderson as well as playing his 350th game also became the club’s highest run maker, overtaking John Robinson.

​As stated earlier we used another ground this year because of the closure of a school. This appeared to be a looming problem for the club.

1989 - 90

This season saw Keswick using the three grounds at Glengowrie High School. This proved to be a very successful and beneficial move for the club.

​The Executive Committee and the A Grade Captain were all reappointed. The committee also appointed Ron Miller as A Grade coach.

​With stability shown at the top, a successful season was anticipated. This was not to be. What a disappointing year it was. The A Grade dropped to eleventh, nearly back to Division 2. Darren Nickolai won the batting trophy with 177 runs and Poul Petersen won the bowling trophy with 23 wickets.

​The B Grade, captained by Chris Trestrail finished ninth. Chris won the batting trophy with 273 runs and Peter Bennett the bowling trophy with 21 wickets.

​Craig Lawn captained the C Grade who also finished ninth. Trevor Catt winning the batting with 270 runs while Steve Skinner won the bowling trophy with 24 wickets.

​The D Grade was a success, playing off in the Grand Final. This side was captained by David O’Brien and, disappointingly for David, were defeated in the game that counted. The team had two outstanding performances from Paul Kerr 38 wickets and Peter Marcus 440 runs, who both took out the Association Bowling and Batting Trophies in this division.

​The E Grade led by Ian Ridings also made the finals. They had a magnificent year finishing the minor round with 63 points.

They were unfortunate to lose the semi-final, which saw them score 292 Runs and still lose.

Graham Farrell scored 312 runs to win the batting trophy and Rob Julian captured 30 wickets to win the bowling trophy.

​The F Troop had a terrible year. Three Captains and only two wins saw them finish in bottom position. Tom Patterson the best of the batsmen with 158 runs and Mick Bradbrook the best of the bowlers with 11 wickets.

​For the second year in a row a first year player in Gary Baldock won the J.J. Heptinstall Trophy for being the Cricketer of The Year.

​The completion of this season also saw the end of an era. John Zadow who had been President for five years decided to stand down. John had been a magnificent servant of the Keswick Cricket Club since his first appointment as a committee member in 1972-73.

​John has served the club in every position that is possible, including A Grade captain and coach, as well as serving on the Association committee.

​As well as working for the club during all those years John was also an outstanding player who, in his 186 games, scored 3286 Runs and took 255 Wickets. The club thanks you for a lot of its success during the eighties.

​Paull and Lyn Bradbrook also stood down after five years as joint Treasurers. Paull first joined the committee in 1973-74 and along with John their paths followed a close alliance over the years.

Tony Hardman also stood down after serving on the executive during John’s term as President. Tony is another one of Keswick’s well deserved workers who has given their all for the club.

​A mention for Lyn Bradbrook. For a person who has never played a game of cricket Lyn has never stopped helping and serving the club. From the mid-seventies when Lyn would organize the kegs for our cabarets or discos and then be the best looking bar girl we ever had. Helping with fundraising, social events, typing newsletters, meat tray raffles and finally five years as joint Treasurer. Lyn’s efforts have contributed in no small way to the success the club has enjoyed during this period.

​The end of an era also saw the end of the eighties, which were the most successful to date for the club in terms of Premierships.

​The nineties would be led by a new team and new ideas to face the challenges which lay ahead. The club was also edging closer to its 50th year.

Keswick Cricket Club shield logo


The “Nineties” may well be remembered as the most testing decade in the Club’s history.  Glengowrie High School, home of Keswick for the past two decades was closed. Plympton High School, Forbes Primary School, Adelaide High School, Ascot Pk. Primary School, & Salesian College were all used in the early nineties before Keswick settled at Immanuel College in 1996 – 97.

1990 - 91

The club started a new decade with a new President, Allen Liebelt. Vice President – Craig Lawn and Trevor Catt as Treasurer. David O’Brien was still Secretary.

​The announcement that Glengowrie School would close was finally made. The club, after nineteen years of playing at Glengowrie, had to look for three more grounds.

​Barry Kearsley again captained the A Grade. Craig Lawn, Chris Trestrail, T. Catt, M. McKinnon and Paull Bradbrook were appointed captains of the other teams in that order.

​Success was not Keswicks. All teams finished well down the ladder. The loss of ten to twelve players of A, B and C grade standard left a big hole to fill in six teams.

​Paull Bradbrook led the F Grade batting with 407 Runs including 2 centuries and also captured 19 Wickets.

​This saw Paull win the Joe Heptinstall Club Trophy for the year.

1991 - 92

The 1991 – 92 season will be remembered primarily for two special occurrences. This season marked the fiftieth year of existence for the Keswick Cricket Club, and was a year that saw the C Grade win the Premiership.

​Allen Liebelt stood down as President mid-term, and was succeeded by Len Bartle. Craig Lawn, Trevor Catt & David O’Brien were all re-elected in their positions of Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary respectively.

​The captaincy roles were shared by many throughout the season. Darren Nickolai was appointed A Grade captain, Trevor Catt captained the B Grade, Jim Crossley captained the C Grade before being promoted to the A’s, whereupon George Watkins took over, Brenton Webb captained the D Grade, Errol Bartle, until injured was the captain of the E Grade and was then replaced by Paul Frood and Leo Smith was appointed as F Grade Captain, but broke down pre-season and was replaced by Allen Liebelt.

​The season was much more successful than the last. The A Grade finished just outside the four, with Barry Kearsley winning the Division One Association batting trophy, with 445 runs.

​The B’s missed out on the four by less than 0.2% & the D’s, E’s & F’s were all competitive. The obvious highlight of the season was the C Grade winning the Premiership.

​George Watkins, who led the side in all but the first two games, led by example and won both the batting and bowling trophies. The Final was played against Southern, and was finished in virtual darkness with Southern falling just five runs short of the 299 runs made by Keswick.

​Winning a Premiership in the fiftieth year was the major goal for the year, and to do so was a major achievement.



​Sponsorship played a large part in the Club’s financial standing, and the Honour Board now mounted on the wall at Birkalla was very kindly donated to the Club by Henderson Automotive, from where many of our players are employed.

​The fiftieth year would also have gone by largely unnoticed if not for the work of the Fifty Year Sub Committee. Paull & Lyn Bradbrook, David O’Brien, John Zadow, Allen Liebelt, Joe Heptinstall & Kevin Anderson worked tirelessly throughout the year compiling the 50 Year Book, as well as organising the End of Season Dinner at the Morphettville Racecourse Dining Room, which was attended by many current and past players. A massive effort in organization was required, and for the dinner to be such a success and so well attended is testimony to the Sub Committee’s endeavours.

​Simon Diss won the J.J. Heptinstall Trophy after having a magnificent season in the E Grade, taking 31 wickets and scoring 156 runs.

​Stuart Coleman won the Bert Crowhurst Assoc. Fielding Trophy with a very consistent performance in the lower grades.

​Lyn Bradbrook was awarded Life Membership of the Keswick Cricket Club in recognition for her outstanding continued service to the Club.

1992 - 93

Season 92 – 93 saw the Keswick Cricket Club expand to its largest form with the addition of a “Junior” team, taking the number of teams fielded by Keswick to seven. The Club also started playing matches at the Salesian College. The A’s, B’s, E’s & Juniors sharing the two ovals available. The D’s & F’s played at Adelaide High and the C Grade played at Ascot Park Primary.

​The Executive Committee were all re-elected in their same positions, and Craig Douglass was appointed A Grade Captain, taking over from Darren Nickolai who had moved to Alice Springs.

​Following the success of the C Grade from the previous year and the positive attitudes generated by the success of the Fiftieth Year, hopes were high for an even more successful season. This however was not the case, with only the D Grade making the Finals.

​The A Grade once again finished just outside the four. Craig Douglass led the way by example, scoring more than double any other batsman with 422 runs, including a highest score of 111, winning both the batting trophy and the Life Members Trophy. The bowling was much more even, with David Hansen taking 25 wickets and winning the bowling trophy.

​The B Grade, captained by Colin Greenhalgh, was very disappointing. The batting trophy was won by Darren Russell with only 162 runs, and the bowling trophy was won by Shaun Hansen with 16 wickets. The B’s never had any stability throughout the season and were unable to fulfil their potential.

​The C Grade, after winning the Premiership the previous year were again Captained by George Watkins. The C Grade, like the B’s were never able to settle their side, and suffered the most from the many changes made each week due to the unavailability of higher grade players. The C Grade finished well down the ladder. George won the batting trophy with 326 runs and Troy Wisman won the bowling trophy with 15 wickets.

​The D Grade were the only side to make the Finals this season. Captained by Peter Marcus, The D’s, after a slow start won their last six games to finish the season in second position, losing the Semi-Final to the eventual Premiers.

Peter Marcus won the batting trophy with 465 runs, and he was well supported by Mick Beviss, who finished the year with 440 runs. Steve Skinner won the bowling trophy with 24 wickets from only seven games.

​The “Junior” team, also played in Div. 5, along with the D Grade, and while statistically the Juniors were the worst performed Keswick team, they were quite possibly the most successful. The Junior side was led by “Senior Players” Craig Lawn as Captain and Brenton Webb, along with nine other players under the age of 18.

While Division 5 may have been too high for the boys, the decision was made with the understanding that the players would learn more about playing cricket by playing against a higher standard than by competing in the lesser grades.

This decision proved correct, and while the team only won one game for the season, many of the Juniors developed nicely and will be assets to the club in the future.

Craig Lawn won the Association Batting Trophy with 581 runs and Glenn McGowran, Andrew Rowe, Ross Ormsby & Bradley Williamson all made very useful contributions. Andrew Rowe eventually winning the bowling trophy with 22 wickets. Steven Oakford also took a Hat trick against Coro. Ramblers in one of the highlights of the year.

​The E Grade, captained by Brian Part, and the F Grade, captained by Leo Smith, both had poor seasons and both finished second last on the table. This was due primarily to the lack of players available to field seven sides. The batting trophies were won by Brian Part, 267 runs, and Leo Smith, 359 runs, while the bowling trophies were won by Peter Czernich and Leo Smith.

​The J.J. Heptinstall Trophy was won by Peter Marcus, who also took 19 wickets to go with his 465 runs.

​Life Membership was awarded to David “Paddy” O’Brien for his outstanding service to the Club as Secretary and general worker over many years.

1993 - 94

Following the selection difficulties of the previous season, the Club cut back the number of sides from seven to five, in an attempt to strengthen all sides. The A Grade also began playing at the Salesian College, which gave the Club a venue where all Keswick sides played at the same grounds for the first time since leaving Glengowrie.

​The Executive Committee also changed. The most significant change being Craig Lawn taking over as Secretary from David O’Brien, who stood down after six years of magnificent service. John Miller took over the Vice Presidents position and Bob Meyer assumed the position of Treasurer

​During the season Kevin Anderson played his 400th game for Keswick, as well as capturing 800th wicket and scoring his 6000th run.

Kevin has been a magnificent player for the Keswick Cricket Club and is without doubt one of the greatest players to have played for Keswick or indeed any other club in the Association, and we hope he continues on playing in the future.

Kevin was honoured during the season with the Kevin Anderson Testimonial Dinner. This Dinner was attended by many past and current players, as well as most of the Life Members, and was an evening to remember.

​The A Grade season almost mirrored the previous season perfectly. Craig Douglass was again the Captain, and the side performed well until the last two games, which were lost, and with them the chance to finish in the four. Barry Kearsley was the leading batsman with 445 runs, along the way breaking the record Div. One individual batting score with 156, and finished with the batting trophy and the Life Members trophy. Trevor Smith won the bowling trophy with 20 wickets at a very economical rate.

​The B Grade was captained by John Miller, and again put in a disappointing season given the talent in the side. Allen Webster won the batting trophy with 235 runs and Shaun Hansen took the bowling honours with 18 wickets.

​Peter Marcus was appointed Captain of the C Grade, but was promoted to the B’s after four games whereby Grant Murphy took over as Captain. The C Grade also finished well down the ladder, with perhaps the most pleasing aspect of the season being the improvement of several of the “Juniors” from the previous year. The batting trophy was won by Trevor Catt with 185 runs and the bowling trophy was also won by Trevor Catt with 18 wickets. These figures were good enough for Trevor to win the J.J. Heptinstall Trophy as the outstanding cricketer of the year.

​The D Grade, Captained by Craig Lawn, was again used to promote the youth programme. The side quickly fell out of finals contention, and was then used primarily as a team to give new players a game. Of these new players, Shane Ingram stood out as a terrific prospect, and should be bowling in higher grades next season. The batting trophy was won by Craig Lawn with 245 runs and Andrew Walters won the bowling trophy with 13 wickets in five games, including 8 – 110 v/s Warradale.

​The E Grade, Captained by Peter Williamson, almost made the Finals. The E’s finished fifth after losing the last game of the season. Many talented players played in this side during the season. Jim Crossley won the batting trophy with 342 runs including consecutive innings of 164 & 122 runs, along the way sharing partnerships of 199 runs with Paddy for the first wicket, and 235 runs for the second wicket (1 run short of the all-time record partnership) with Len Bartle. Ian Clements fielded magnificently all season and was rewarded with the Association Fielding Trophy for his efforts. Len Bartle benefited most from Ian’s fielding and won the bowling trophy with 22 wickets.

​Joe Heptinstall, the most respected man in Keswick’s history was also honoured during the season, and was presented with the “Life Time Achievement Award” for services to Keswick throughout the entire history of the Club. Joe is a legend in the eyes of every Keswick player, and we are very fortunate to have known him.

​Craig Lawn and Barry Kearsley were both awarded Life Memberships of the Keswick Cricket Club at the AGM. Craig for his outstanding service as an administrator and worker for the Club, and Barry for his outstanding contributions to the Club as arguably the best cricketer to have played for Keswick.

1994 - 95

The 1994-95 season began with the same Executive Committee, and the decision to further reduce the amount of teams playing for Keswick, in a bid to strengthen the Club. Kevin Anderson decided to retire after 407 games, 6187 runs and 809 wickets and his presence will surely be missed.

​The A Grade, again Captained by Craig Douglass found itself now playing seventy-five overs per day. This new experimental rule was thought to suit Keswick’s style of play, and when the A’s batted first, it certainly did. At the end of the season however Keswick’s A Grade again had not won enough games to contest the major round. Paul McGowran won the batting trophy with 298 runs and four other batsmen scored in excess of 200 runs. Craig Douglass easily won the bowling trophy with 35 wickets, also the highest amount of wickets in Division One, giving Craig the Association bowling trophy, and also the J.J. Heptinstall Trophy for being the Cricketer of the Year.

Paul McGowran, who fielded brilliantly throughout the season, was rewarded with the Association Fielding Trophy

​The B Grade was the most successful team of the season. Using primarily the same players as in previous seasons, a change of attitude was the only real difference. George Watkins Captained the B’s, and after a magnificent victory in the Semi Final, they were defeated in the Grand. The batting trophy was won by Peter Marcus with 353 runs, and the bowling trophy was won by David Hansen, after Christmas taking 19 wickets, including 7/58 in the Semi Final.

​The C Grade were the unlucky team, missing the finals by only one point. Paull Bradbrook led from the front and easily won the batting trophy with 406 runs. The bowling was much more even and was won by Grant Murphy with 18 wickets.

​The D Grade had a poor season and finished well down the ladder. Peter “Kipper” Williamson captained the side, where only Brian Part showed any consistency with the bat, scoring 199 runs to win the batting trophy. The bowling was equally ineffectual, and Ian Clements won the trophy with nine wickets.

​The change in attitude of the players was quite obvious this season, and club morale was at a high. The coming season was promising to be a good one for Keswick.

Salesian College was looking secure as the home of the Keswick Cricket Club, and the reduction of teams seemed to be having the desired result in making the Club stronger.

1995 - 96

The 1995-96 season will be remembered as the greatest and most successful season in the Clubs proud history to date.

​The A Grade and B Grade both won the Premierships, the C Grade were defeated in the Semi Final and the D Grade were desperately unlucky to miss out on playing in the Finals as well.

​The Executive Committee, the same as the previous season after Grant Murphy took over as Treasurer early last year, worked even harder to obtain the services of a coach. Darren Marsh, the star player of the Plympton Cricket Club was approached to be Coach and following his acceptance of the position, Keswick began a very methodical preseason training programme. The rewards of such a programme now very obvious.

​The A Grade, although promising much over the past few years, had been somewhat unsuccessful. The 1995-96 season began with Craig Douglass again as Captain, and also with an outright victory over last year’s Premiers, Coromandel Ramblers. Eight first innings wins, another outright victory and only two first innings losses saw the A’s remain on the top of the ladder for the entire season, finishing with 68 points.



The Semi Final continued Keswick’s dominance with an easy victory over archrivals Plympton. The Grand Final however was a much tougher game. Keswick after an excellent effort in the field, bowled​out Warradale for only 168 runs,​and although appearing to be in control, the game tightened considerably before Barry Kearsley and Trevor Smith steered Keswick to victory.

As Coach, Darren Marsh had a magnificent season, and was a major reason for the team’s success. Darren scored 350 runs as well as taking 39 wickets to win the bowling trophy, the Association Bowling Trophy and the J.J. Heptinstall Trophy. Also performing well with the bat were Kym Williams, 353 runs, and Colin Hopkins, who won the batting trophy with 370 runs.

​The B Grade had a new captain in Shaun Hansen. Following the Semi Final success of the B Grade last season, high hopes were held for this team, and they did not disappoint. Although not as dominant as the A’s, The B’s never gave in, and came from behind in their Semi Final victory against Warradale, and fought back from certain defeat against Modbury in the Grand Final. Ross Ormsby’s fielding being quite magnificent during both finals matches.



The senior players all contributed during the season. Jim McIntyre leading the batsmen, scoring 471 runs from ten games to win the batting trophy. Shane Ingram, one of the younger players, won the bowling trophy with 32 wickets and showed that he is ready to play A Grade very soon.

Kevin Caulfield was superb all season as the wicket keeper, and Kevin became the first player in the Club’s history to win the Jim Coulls Memorial Association Wicket-Keeping Trophy.

​Both the A’s & the B’s won their finals at Salesians within 20 minutes of each other, and the victory celebrations were unrivalled in Keswick’s history. To have all 22 players and supporters there at the same time was magnificent. The passion, and pride displayed that day will live forever, and should flow over to next season, where the same high results will hopefully be attained.

​​The C Grade also had a new captain. Andy Rigby in his first season as captain led the C Grade into the finals. Alan Doubleday easily won the batting trophy with 492 runs, including 190 against Glenelg ANA., the third highest individual score in the Clubs history.

Grant Murphy and Steve Skinner both took in excess of thirty wickets, with Murph winning the bowling trophy and the Association Div. 4 bowling trophy after taking 38 wickets.

The D grade was captained by Len Bartle, and performed well all season only to miss out on the finals by a very small margin. Peter Williamson won the batting trophy with 358 runs, and Len Bartle won the bowling trophy with 25 wickets.

John Miller also provided one of the season highlights by taking a hat trick against Coromandel.

​Len Bartle was awarded Life Membership following his outstanding contributions to the Club over many years.

This season will also be remembered for a much more tragic reason. Brian Part, a fantastic clubman, and a person who was much respected by all members of the Keswick Cricket Club, passed away while playing the game, after suffering a heart attack. Brian always gave his best for Keswick, and the Club has decided to honour Brian by naming the Clubman of the Year Trophy after him.                                              

Brian will be sadly missed by everyone, but he will not be forgotten.

1996 - 97

The 1996–97 season began with the same Executive Committee and Captains as the previous season, providing the club with the stability required to follow on from our successful season the year before, and deal with the upcoming problems.

​Salesian College was no longer available to Keswick, as it had gone the same way as Glengowrie High School, and had been sold off to property developers. Immanuel College was quickly approached and a new agreement was reached. Excellent playing and training facilities, only a 9 iron away from our clubrooms at Birkalla should ensure a positive future for the club.

​The other big change was the relocation to Victor Harbor of our coach Darren Marsh.

Trevor Smith was appointed the new coach and he worked hard to continue our recent success.

​The A Grade began the season disastrously, losing the first three games, before bouncing back to finish in sixth position.

Six first game players were given their chance during the season, some accepting the opportunity better than others. Throughout the season, the batting remained positive. Colin Hopkins won the batting trophy with 383 runs and received excellent support from Tony Forde 376 runs and Craig Douglass 373 runs. Along the way Craig 124* and Tony 117 combined to break the Club’s all wicket partnership record by scoring 237 for the 4th wicket against Campbelltown / ANZ. During the same game David Hansen took 6/62 including an all bowled hat trick – the first hat trick in section 1 for 35 years. David finished the season with 42 wickets to win the club bowling trophy as well as the Association bowling trophy. Along the way he also captured his 300th wicket for the Club.

Following the Premiership, the B Grade were promoted to section 2 and found the standard a little tougher, finishing in the 7th position with 6 wins. Glenn Butcher won the batting trophy with 262 runs and Shane Ingram was rewarded for taking 34 wickets with the bowling trophy, as well as the Association section 2 bowling trophy.


The C Grade continued the Clubs recent successes by winning the Premiership. Riding on the back of having Barry Kearsley in the side all season, the C Grade lost only 2 games for the year and deservedly finished top. Barry Kearsley having a magnificent season – as should be expected of a player of his quality in Section 4 – 606 runs at an average of 75.75 including 3 centuries, 12 wickets and an outstanding performance behind the stumps saw Barry win the J.J. Heptinstall trophy, as well as the Association Batting trophy.

Barry also became the first player to pass 7000 runs and now heads the list of century makers for the Club.

Steve Skinner won the bowling trophy with 31 wickets, taking his 300 wickets along the way. Steve received excellent support from Chris Davies, who captured 22 wickets in 5 games, including a career best 8/48 against Bank SA.

​The D Grade again surpassed expectations and finished third, eventually losing a very winnable Semi Final to Coromandel.

Mick Bevis won the batting trophy with 316 runs. Excellent support was offered by David O’Brien with 296 runs and David Crossley 272 runs.

Len Bartle led by example as the bowling Captain, winning the bowling trophy with 37 wickets. Andrew Walters took 27 wickets in an outstanding season.

​During the season George Watkins became only the third Keswick player to reach 250 games and David Crossley and Craig Lawn played their 200th games.

1997 - 98

The 1997–98 season will be recorded as one of the poorest in terms of success in recent times. All of the four teams finished mid to low on the Premiership Table.

​John Zadow was lured back to the Club and appointed as Coach of an A Grade squad. John worked hard to instil discipline, commitment and a professional attitude in the players, however injuries and unavailability of players made his job extremely difficult.

Craig Douglass captained an A Grade side that won only two games for the year. Glen Butcher won the batting trophy with 391 runs from Craig Douglass with 366 runs. Shaun Hansen won the bowling trophy with 17 wickets. Only two other bowlers managed to take more than ten wickets.

​Jim McIntyre captained the B Grade for the first time. Like the A’s, player availability wreaked havoc on selection and the B’s finished the season well down the ladder.

Jim led well from the front winning the batting trophy with 254 runs, the only player to score over 200 for the season.

The bowling was not much better, with Grant Murphy and Steve Skinner both taking 16 wickets to share the bowling trophy. No other bowler took more than 8 wickets.

​The C Grade also had a first year captain with Trevor Catt. The C grade lost every game before Christmas, finishing the season with just three wins.

Trevor was the only batsman to exceed 200 runs and won the batting trophy with 208 runs. Like the B’s, the bowling was less than impressive.

Craig Coretti won the bowling trophy with just 13 wickets and only one other player took more than 10 wickets.

​The D Grade were our most successful team and still only finished in 6th position. Forty one players for the season with 22 who played only one game tells the story.

New player to the club Grant Morrison won both the batting and bowling trophies with 195 runs and 19 wickets.

This effort put Grant in second place in the JJ Heptinstall trophy just behind the eventual winner Craig Douglass who won his second JJ Heptinstall trophy.

​At the AGM, Life Membership was also bestowed upon Grant Murphy and Peter Williamson, rewarding their continued hard work and dedication to the Club.

1998 - 99

The 1998–99 season began with Grant Murphy taking over as President from Len Bartle. Len had been President for seven years and oversaw one of the most successful periods of the Club’s history and he was the driving force behind the Club’s relocation to Immanuel College. Len has left big shoes to fill.

Craig Lawn continued as Secretary and Craig Douglass changed from Vice President to take on the Treasurers position following Grant’s ascendancy to the top job. Trevor Smith took over as Vice President as well as being appointed Coach.

​The A Grade was captained for the first time by Paul Abbott and after a strong start to the season, winning five of the first six games, the A’s won only one more game to finish outside of the top four. That one game was the Bradbrook / Maetze Cup game against South Road, and it saw the Cup in Keswick’s possession for the first time.

Jim McIntyre won the batting trophy with 308 runs with Paul Abbott the only other batsman to pass 200 runs.

Trevor Smith once again won the bowling trophy with 21 wickets. Paul Abbott backed up his batting with his bowling by taking 17 wickets and Paul McGowran finished the season with 14 wickets.

​Barry Kearsley played his 250th game for the Club, (predominately A Grade games) and Barry’s contributions to the Club have been enormous.

​The B Grade was also captained by a first year Captain. Glenn McGowran was in charge of a disappointing B Grade team where only one batsman passed 200 runs and no bowler took over 20 wickets.

Glenn Butcher easily won the batting trophy with 362 runs, 238 of these coming in the last three games including 116 no. against Sheidow Park.

Ken McKinley won the bowling trophy with 19 wickets, with good support coming from Shaun Hansen 18 wickets and Grant Murphy & Steve Skinner who both captured 17 wickets.

​The C Grade were the unlucky team. Winning eight games is usually good enough to make the finals however not this year. Trevor Catt once again captained the C’s and oversaw some fine performances.

Darren Nickolai won the batting trophy with 297 runs in seven innings in a very consistent performance. David Hansen also had an outstanding season with the bat, scoring 287 runs in four innings, including 151 no and 102.  Steve Verco & David Crossley also scored in excess of 200 runs.

The bowling trophy was won by Brenton Webb who captured 19 wickets in eight games after being promoted from the D’s. Ken McKinley also bowled magnificently to take 16 wickets in only three games.

​Ken McKinley’s efforts in the B & C Grade saw him rewarded with the J.J. Heptinstall Trophy as the outstanding cricketer of the year.

​The D Grade began the season with George Watkins as Captain, however after seriously injuring his back, Paull Bradbrook took over the job.

The D’s won 6 games but had only six players play more than 6 games for the season.

The batting trophy was won by Alan Doubleday with 226 runs and David Crossley scored the only century for the season, 101 against Southern.

The bowling was always the problem Brenton Webb won the bowling trophy with 10 wickets in only three games.

​This season also saw a new team formed. The Keswick Cobras played in the newly formed Under 13 South Central Junior competition. Although not overly successful in a winning sense, the boys consistently improved and several could easily be playing senior cricket in the next couple of years.

Adam Hartlett easily won the batting trophy with 225 runs as well as taking 23 catches in seven games, including five in one innings.

The bowling trophy was won by Anthony Allen with 9 wickets.

With the right guidance and some luck, the Keswick Cricket Club could begin to reap the rewards of this new initiative within the next few years.

At the Annual General Meeting Craig Douglass and Trevor Smith were awarded Life Membership for their outstanding service to the club over many years.

​The 1998–99 season will also be remembered for another tragic loss. Simon Brett lost his life in a fire in his own home. Simon had only played 38 games for the Club but already had made his mark in the A Grade as well as becoming an important part of the committee. To honour and remember Simon, the fielding trophy has been renamed the Simon Brett Memorial Fielding Trophy. Simon was a friend to everyone and he will be remembered fondly by all those who were lucky enough to have known him.

The winter of 1999 also saw one of our players represent the Club in a playing capacity while overseas.

Encouraged by Joe Heptinstall, Craig Douglass packed his bags and headed over to England to play cricket for the Keswick Cricket Club in the Cumbria League.

The Cumbria League consists of 12 Clubs in a multi division competition playing primarily turf cricket. Dougo played successfully in the Division 1 side for 18 games for a total of 275 runs and 22 wickets. with best bowling figures of 6/11 vs Bolton.

The highlight of his overseas career, a game against Durham, captained by none other than David Boon.

Through Craig Douglass’s & Joe Heptinstall’s experiences at our English sister club, a genuine opportunity exists for players of both clubs to play for one another when the opportunity arises.

1999 - 2000

The final year of the millennium was one of great optimism for the Keswick Cricket Club.

Grant Murphy began his second term as President with Craig Lawn once again performing the Secretarial duties. Tony Forde took on the role of Vice President for the first time and Craig Douglass continued as Treasurer.

​The A Grade were once again Captained by Paul Abbott and showed obvious improvement from the previous season. Nine wins during the minor round ensured a finals berth but unfortunately a poor batting performance in the Semi Final saw the A’s finish the season in third place.

Heath Mackay in his first season for the Club won the batting trophy with 349 runs including a highest score of 108 off only 86 balls.

Paul McGowran lent valuable support with 326 runs and Barry Kearsley added the only other century (110) in the first game of the season.

The bowling trophy was won by Grant Murphy with 18 wickets. Trevor Smith, Paul Abbott and Craig Douglass all took 16 wickets each and Tony Forde finished the year with 15 wickets in a very even performance from all the bowlers.

​The B Grade were Captained by David Hansen, the fourth Captain in four years. 

Nine wins throughout the minor round saw the B’s play in the Finals. Their minor round form continued on through the Finals and the B Grade recorded two relatively easy victories on the way to the Premiership.

Consistency was the key to the B Grade success, both from the batsmen and the bowlers.

Glenn Butcher easily won the batting trophy with 431 runs, including scores of 102 and 101 not out. Kev Caulfield scored 277 runs as well as winning the Association Wicket-Keeping Trophy for the second time. Another new player to the Club, Adrian Bendo scored 271 runs and Colin Hopkins and Glenn McGowran both scored over 240 runs.

​Dubbed “The Old Grey Fox” by skipper David Hansen, Steve Skinner won another bowling trophy, this time with 28 wickets at an average of 11.34. Shaun Hansen offered great support by taking 26 wickets and David Hansen also captured 20 wickets. Ken McKinley took 15 wickets in the first six games before a back injury put an end to his season.



​Trevor Catt once again captained the C Grade, and after an excellent start to the season, winning 6 of the first 7 games, the C’s again finished just outside the four.

The batting trophy was won by big hitting Darren O’Toole, who scored 409 runs in his first season. Bob Bateman and Steve Verco also scored in excess of 200 runs.

The bowling trophy was also won by a new player to the Club. Mick Mourant captured 29 wickets to win the trophy from Craig Coretti 21 wickets.

​The D Grade made the best start to the season by any team in recent memory. Four outright wins in the first four games had the D Grade in a finals position. With clever qualifying of players, the D’s entered the Finals with a near unbeatable team.

Alan Doubleday had a magnificent season 552 runs in 9 games, including a high score of 183 vs Kenilworth on a big oval, saw him win the batting trophy from Paull Bradbrook, who scored 328 runs at 51 years of age and Andrew Rowe, 273 runs.

Alan had the dubious honour of being timed out in a Semi Final for a rapid 86 after failing to turn up on time on the second day. He followed that up with another quick fire 98 runs in the Grand Final, caught on the boundary just short of a well-deserved century.

The bowling trophy was won by Brenton Webb with 26 wickets. John Zadow captured 25 wickets in just 6 games while Chris Sentence, Len Bartle and Tony DiBucchianico all took more than 15 wickets.

​John Zadow had a magnificent season – 33 wickets and 297 runs (including 138 vs Southern) saw John win the J.J. Heptinstall Trophy as the outstanding cricketer of the year.

​This season saw the Club field two junior teams, and under 13’s and under 15’s.

While the under 13’s were not overly successful, winning just one game, all the boys improved noticeably during the season. The batting trophy was won by Brock Caulfield with 90 runs at an average of 30. The bowling trophy was shared by Shane Caulfield and Robert Panek with 7 wickets.

The under 15’s team were very successful, losing only to Sturt District in the first game and again in the Grand Final. The nucleus of the team was made up of lads who were also playing in the District competition. Adam Hartlett 214 runs and 13 wicket, Craig Gobbie 236 runs and 15 wickets and Adrian Wickstein, 348 runs and 11 wickets had outstanding seasons, Adrian winning the batting trophy and Craig winning the bowling trophy.

​Grant Murphy, Trevor Smith, Kev Caulfield and Darren Fulwood are to be congratulated for their efforts in organising both the Junior teams and giving up their time on Sunday mornings.

​During the season many milestones were reached. Paull Bradbrook played his 300th game for the Club, making him just the second player to do so. John Zadow played his 200th game along with Len Bartle also captured their 300 wickets for the Club. Craig Lawn scored his 5000th run and Craig Douglass scored his 4000th run and Shaun Hansen captured his 200th wicket. Bradley Williamson played his 100th game, joining his father “Kipper” Williamson as the only father and son combination to have both played over 100 games for Keswick.

Keswick Cricket Club shield logo

THE 2000s

2000 - 01

The beginning of the new millennium brought with it the most tumultuous period in the Club’s history.

​The Keswick Cricket Club was asked to leave the home grounds of Immanuel College due to extensive redevelopment of the ovals, and was also told that the West Torrens Birkalla Clubrooms, home of the Club for over twenty years, would no longer be available for our continued use.

These decisions left the Club with no Clubrooms and no playing or training facilities and only 5 months to negotiate new arrangements.

​The Committee of the previous year remained largely intact, with Grant Murphy, Craig Lawn, Craig Douglass & Tony Forde remaining as President, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice President respectively. Peter & Bradley Williamson, Ross Ormsby, Kev Caulfield, Lyn Bradbrook and Colin Hopkins formed the General Committee.

​Through the wisdom of previous Committees, the Adelaide High School had remained available to Keswick, and that was quickly reinstated as an oval for the A & B Grade teams. Finding a second oval proved to be extremely difficult, with over twenty possible venues being explored and eliminated as options before the Committee finally settled on the Seaview Downs Primary School as virtually the only remaining possibility.

Training would be held at the Forbes Primary School.

New clubrooms also proved difficult to locate with serious consideration being given to the Marion RSL and the Glenelg Football Club. Both venues offered several positives but also too many negatives. PHOS Camden Football Club became a more attractive proposition and a new partnership was formed.

With the playing facilities and the new clubroom arrangements finalised, the Keswick Cricket Club could get on with the business of playing cricket.

​Tony Forde was the newly appointed A Grade Captain and the A’s enjoyed a mixed season. After starting brilliantly by winning the first five games, the A’s lost the next five games and finished the minor round by defeating Morphettville Park outright to sneak into the finals. The semi final against Western Youth was played much like the last half of the season. A good bowling performance followed by a batting collapse saw the A Grade finish in fourth position.

​Guy Hobbs won the batting trophy with 290 runs and Trevor Smith won the bowling trophy with 27 wickets.

Craig Douglass made useful contributions with both the bat & the ball, scoring 273 runs and taking 24 wickets and was rewarded with the J.J. Heptinstall Trophy as the outstanding cricketer of the year.

​Barry Kearsley was awarded the Jim Coulls Memorial Wicket Keeping Trophy as the best keeper in the Association.

​The B Grade, under the Captaincy of Bob Bateman, struggled all season and won only four games. The batting trophy was won by Kevin Caulfield who scored 253 runs in only six games. The bowling trophy was won again by Steve Skinner with 25 wickets. This was more than double the next closest bowler’s figures and indicates why the B Grade struggled.

​The C Grade began the season poorly before gradually picking up momentum to finish off the season by winning the Premiership.

Captained by Len Bartle, the C Grade team’s success can be traced back almost exactly to the time that David Hansen began bowling again.

Twenty seven wickets in the last six games, including 5/22 in the Grand Final, saw David Hansen win the bowling trophy. The batting trophy was won by Doctor John Miller with 278 runs.

The C Grade were probably not the most talented group of individuals playing in Section Four, however they were the best team, and if a couple of players had a poor day, another couple of players stood up & performed.

The Premiership was the perfect send off for Len Bartle who retired after a fine career as a Premiership Captain. Len played 205 games, took 316 wickets and scored 2010 runs as well as being President for 7 years through the nineties.



The D Grade was once again captained by Peter Williamson, and once again performed above expectations. The D’s managed to make the Semi Finals before losing a very close match to eventual Premiers, Plympton.

Peter won the batting trophy with 277 runs, which included the highlight of scoring 115 not out in his 200th game. Mark Ellul performed well to score 254 runs in only six games. Brenton Webb once again won the bowling trophy by taking 24 wickets to finish just ahead of George Watkins with 22 wickets. Bun Chuum fielded brilliantly all season and was awarded the Simon Brett Memorial Fielding Trophy for his efforts.

​​A new Trophy, donated by Brenton Webb, was named the Players Choice Award. Voting similar to the Magarey Medal were awarded by three random players in each team on a 3, 2, 1 basis. The count was held during the end of season dinner and Craig Coretti was declared the inaugural winner, polling votes in nine of the eleven games.

​The AGM was significant for two reasons. Life Membership was awarded to Kevin Caulfield for his magnificent service to the Club over many years. Craig Lawn stood down as Secretary after ten years on the Executive Committee. Craig has been a magnificent administrator and worker for the Club and his passion and devotion to the Club will be hard to replace.

2001 - 02

The 2001–02 season began with Grant Murphy as President, Ross Ormsby as Vice President, Craig Douglass as Treasurer and Glenn Butcher as Secretary.

This year was a first, with a change in the constitution, which allowed players who had played 220 games or more to be nominated for life memberships with long time servants Steve Skinner, Trevor Lambert, Jim & David Crossley and George Watkins being awarded life membership for their contributions to the Keswick Cricket Club.

​While still searching for clubrooms, it was agreed to use PHOS Camden for the first time, where we ran the bar and had full access to the clubrooms for the entire year. The committee worked tirelessly to make this work. Ross Ormsby and Brad Williamson took on the bulk of the work with Brad Williamson being awarded Club Person of the Year for all his efforts for the season.

  • Ross Ormsby and Colin Hopkins both celebrated 100 games.
  • Craig Douglass played his 200th game.
  • Club legend and former longest serving secretary Craig Lawn reached the 250 games milestone becoming only the 6th player do to so. Craig has now moved on to being the Association Secretary continuing his great secretarial work.
  • The club’s highest run scorer Barry Kearsley reached 8000 runs.
  • George Watkins reached 7000 runs.
  • Simon Morris passed 3000 runs.
  • Brad Williamson and Tony Forde reached 2000 runs.
  • Steve Verco 1000 runs.
  • David Hansen became the fifth player to take 400 wickets, the majority in division 1.
  • Grant Murphy reached 300 wickets.
  • Tony Forde took his 200th wicket
  • Craig Douglass reached 100 wickets.


Keswick nominated four sides and once again it was made difficult with our top three sides in the top three divisions.

The A Grade was captained by Tony Forde and they looked to be heading towards finals, winning their first 5 out of 6 games before capitulating to sixth overall. Heath Mackay was the absolute stand out with Tony Forde’s comments “Heath Mackay came to our club two seasons ago with a reputation of a young player who could destroy any bowling attack this Association had to offer. It was not until this season the club had the opportunity to see just what all the talk was about.” Heath compiled the highest individual tally by a division one Keswick cricketer by making 629 runs @ 62.9 including two centuries with a highest ever club record 162 runs (beating club legend Barry Kearsley 157) against South Road (team score 309) which we would unfortunately lose (Bradbrook-Maetes cup). Heath won the JJ Heptinstall Trophy with 744 points, the Barry Kearsley A-Grade Cricketer of the Year, A Grade fielding trophy, the John Robinson batting trophy and the Players Choice. Heath was well supported by Guy Hobbs who also had an extraordinary year making 402 runs (which in almost every other year would win the batting trophy.) Craig Douglass opened the batting making a consistent 297 while Paul Abbott as an outstanding all-rounder also made 209 runs to go with his 14 wickets.

Craig Douglass also had another fine all-rounders year taking 25 wickets @19 to win the Kevin Anderson bowling trophy. He was well supported by young opening bowler Craig Coretti and Captain Tony Forde who took 15 apiece.

​The B Grade was captained by Grant Murphy and had an inconsistent year winning 4 out of 10 games. Colin Hopkins was the best with the bat making 323 @ 40 (including 100) and was ably backed up by Steve Verco 256 & Bob Bateman 246. No other batsman scored over 200 with Kev Caulfield showing great consistency from limited games making 163 @ 40 from 4 games with a top score of 45. Chris Sentence was the best bowler for the year taking 18 wickets and was well supported by Kurt McKinley & Shane Ingram taking 14 @ piece. Ross Ormsby won the fielding from limited games.

​The C Grade in section 3 captained by Dr John Miller finished bottom in what was a very tough year. They used 36 players with Simon (Spook) Morris leading the batting with 226 runs including a score of 108. Glenn Butcher in his only C Grade game and Brain Edwards were the other centurions during the year. No other batsman made over 200 runs.

Only two bowlers took over 10 wickets with Shaun Hansen leading the bowling with 18 wickets and “silver fox” Steve Skinner taking 15. Matthew Hood won the fielding.  The highlight of the year was the only victory for the year coming in round 6 against Glenelg ANA with the side making a club record 7/460 which also included a new 7thwicket partnership of 161 runs between Shaun Hansen and Andrew Mills.

​The D Grade led by “Kipper” Peter Williamson was the club’s success story in section 5, winning the premiership in a brilliant effort. This was their second premiership in three years. Kipper did a great job introducing new talent to the club.

The batting was led by first year player Gary Watson making 460 runs @ 51 backed up well by Doug Host with 355 and Kipper Williamson 202 runs with 65 in the grand final. Gary Watson, Doug Host, Shane Porter and Paul Abbott all made centuries throughout the year. Club legend George Watkins made his 7000th run for the club in the grand final in what would be his retirement game, ending a fine and successful career on 287 games and as the club’s second ever highest run scorer. The team unearthed, through Kippers persistence, new players Scott Voigt, Gary Watson, Pete Salamon, Shane Porter, Grant Brooker, Kym Tew and son of Kevin Caulfield, Brock Caulfield. Special mention to John Zadow who performed well in the grand final and by winning made him part of three consecutive premierships.

New player Scott Voigt was the stand out, filling in from game 5 and taking 39 wickets @ 11 with 6 wickets in both the Semi and Grand final (6-42 in the grand final) to be the player of the finals series. Voigt also won the Simon Brett Fielding Trophy and Under 21 Trophy. Voigt was well supported by Bun Chuum with 23 wickets and Pete Salamon with 20 wickets to lead Keswick to another premiership.

2002 - 03

The season saw many changes again for Keswick. Grant Murphy and Ross Ormsby were still President and Vice President, Glenn Butcher Secretary and Brad Williamson was appointed as Treasurer. There were changes to three of the four captains and the club once again decided to move our clubrooms to Camden Beach Sports Centre, which was one of the clubs most positive moves yet and certainly lifted the morale with the club finally having a home base again.

  • Steve Skinner celebrated his 250th game, becoming the 7th player to do so.
  • Shaun Hansen and Kev Caulfield played 150 games.
  • Paul McGowran joined his brother Glenn on 100 games.
  • Michael Bradbrook played his 100th game – Michael and Paull Bradbrook becoming the second father/son to reach 100 games.
  • Glenn Butcher passed 3000 runs, Paul McGowran 2000 runs and Trevor Smith took 300 wickets.
  • Grant Murphy won Club Person of the Year.
  • Kurt McKinley was the Under 21 Cricketer of the Year.

The A Grade finished fifth and was led by first time captain Paul McGowran. Once again the batting was dominated by Heath Mackay who made a mammoth 681 runs @ an average of 56, including two hundreds and three other scores over 70. Heath once again won the JJ Heptinstall Trophy (791 points), Fieldsman of the Year (11 catches), John Robinson Batting trophy, Barry Kearsley A Grade Cricketer of the Year, Association Batting Trophy and the Player’s Choice. Paul McGowran led from the front making 408 runs (including a 108 vs Morphettville Park) while opening batsman Bradley Williamson compiled 331 runs. Guy Hobbs also scored 245 to be the other batsman to score over 200.

The bowling was consistent with young opening bowler Craig Coretti winning the bowling with 27 wkts @ 20 closely followed by young, quick Kurt McKinley with 26 wkts @ 16 with his thunderbolts. Tony Forde also took 21 wickets for the year.

Unfortunately premiership points were taken off the A Grade, which cost them a finals spot. The association deemed that when both sides decided to not play due to excessive heat and play a one day game due to player welfare it was not within the rules and the victory achieved by Keswick was deducted. Keswick will always take player safety first and this was strongly backed by Grant Murphy, as President and the committee.

​​In Section 2, the B Grade was captained by Trevor Smith who led them to a semi-final appearance. Matt Hood won the batting with 231 runs, followed by Barry Kearsley with 228, Kev Caulfield 206 and Steve Verco 205. Glenn Butcher made 170 runs at an average of 170 (125 no) before succumbing to injury. The bowling was won by Shaun Hansen with 38 wkts @ 18 to also claim the Association Bowling Trophy. Chris Sentence took 22 and Trevor Smith 21 wickets. The Fielding Trophy was shared between John Dawe and Matt Hood.

​The C Grade was once again in Division 3 and was captained by John Zadow. With them being out of their depth, John went into the season with the thought of blooding younger players and having fun. Gordon Florance won the batting with 196 runs. The bowling was won by the consistent Steve Skinner taking 15 wickets. No other bowler took over 10 which resulted in them finishing bottom.

​The D’s were once again in Division 5 led by Peter Williamson. They forfeited their first match and were never in the finals’ race. Young 16 year old Andy McCabe impressed with his pace. Peter Williamson led from the front, winning the batting with 301 runs including 127 no. Bun Chuum won the bowling with 20 wickets.

​Heath Mackay, Paul McGowran and Kurt McKinley all represented the Association.

​Dr John Miller was awarded life membership for his outstanding contributions to Keswick as both a captain and player.

2003 - 04

The same Executive Committee returned in 2003-04 with Grant Murphy as President, Ross Ormsby as Vice President, Glenn Butcher as Secretary and Bradley Williamson as Treasurer. The same captains were also appointed in A, B and C grades. John Zadow captained the D Grade. Unfortunately the club once again faced a crisis when 3 weeks before the start of the season Adelaide High School oval (which we had leased for 12 seasons) was taken away from us. After an extensive search, the committee secured West Beach Primary School. The club was still the envy of the competition with our home base at Camden Beach Sports Centre.

​The A Grade, captained by Paul McGowran, was the highlight of the year, making the Grand Final from fourth to be cruelly denied by inclement weather while attempting to chase 206 against Glenelg ANA.  Even though they were safely secured in the top four, the A’s dropped the last two games against lowly clubs to go into the finals in fourth. The Semi Final will be remembered for toppling minor premiers Coromandel and the 2nd wicket, 155 run partnership between Craig Douglass (102) and Heath Mackay (90) which set up the imposing 7/352.

The Batting Trophy was battled between two men. New player to the club Phil Jeffery eventually took the honours compiling 543 runs (ave 49) including 119 v Coromandel, and three scores over 50. Heath Mackay was second with 519 runs (ave 39) including 101 vs Western Youth Centre, and with four scores over fifty. Heath’s fielding was also top class and his classic catches were a memorable highlight. Craig Douglass as the opening batsman scored 370 runs, while Paul Abbott made 216, closely followed by Guy Hobbs with 212.

The bowling was dominated by king of swing Craig Coretti taking 39 wkts for 19 runs followed by Greg Morris with 27 wkts, and the two all-rounders Craig Douglass with 23 wickets and Paul Abbott 21 wickets. Craig Douglass was the A Grade Cricketer of the Year (586 points) capping off a fine year. Brad Williamson won the A Grade Fielding Trophy.

​The B Grade, captained by Trevor Smith, only lost one game before Christmas but only won two after Christmas to narrowly miss out on finals. The batting trophy was won by Steve Verco with 361 runs including three fifties, two of which saw him out in the nineties. Ross Ormsby was the most consistent batsman scoring 347 runs (ave 86) with 4 scores in the fifties, all not outs. Barry Kearsley scored 317 runs, including a score of 101, while Allan Webster made 256 runs.

The bowling was tied by Barry Kearsley and Chris Sentence with 16 wickets a piece, closely followed by Shane Ingram with 15 wkts @ 11, and Shaun Hansen also with 15 wickets. Winner of the B Grade Fielding Trophy and the overall Simon Brett Fielding Trophy was Allan Webster.

​Gordon Florance took the reins of the C Grade which was finally relegated to section 4. This enabled the side to be more competitive and they finished up in the middle of the table. The batting was won by Matt Hood from limited games 264 runs  (ave 44) including a 118, closely followed by John Warne on 254 runs and Tony Lieven  on 228 runs. Steve Skinner once again led the bowling with guile and skill taking 21 wickets @ 7. Josh Bollenhagen took 18 and Chris Sentence 16 wkts @13 from limited games. John Warne won the fielding.

​In Section 5, the D Grade played the season without winning a game. John Zadow won both the bowling and batting trophies making 168 runs and taking 16 wickets.

​Ross Ormsby topped off his stellar season winning the JJ Heptinstall Trophy (652 points) and the Players Choice for his outstanding year on and off the field to be a strong leader of the club. Len Bartle was Club Person of the Year and Josh Bollenhagen the Under 21 Player of the Year.

This season saw:

  • Trevor “Dudley” Lambert and Barry “Baz” Kearsley become the 3rd and 4th players to play 300 games for Keswick. Baz is acknowledged as the clubs greatest player and Dudley has had a fine career as a batsman, bowler, fielder, and keeper.
  • After many years away from the club, John Zadow reached 250 games. He became only the third player to make 4000 runs and take 350 wickets.
  • Craig Douglass also made 5000 runs and took his 250th wicket to become only the third player to complete the rare double.
  • Shaun Hansen passed the magical 300 wickets to complete a remarkable family double as his brother David has also taken in excess of 300 wickets.
  • Craig Coretti and Guy Hobbs passed 100 games.
  • Ross Ormsby, Glenn McGowran and Heath Mackay all passed 2000 runs.
  • Chris Sentance passed 100 wickets.

2004 - 05

Keswick began the year with the same grounds and clubrooms, and with Grant Murphy as President, Ross as his Vice, Glenn Butcher as Secretary and Tony Forde as Treasurer.

​The A’s were captained by Phil Jeffery and they finished in the bottom half of the table with a talented group. The A Grade batting was won by perennial run scorer Heath Mackay. He made 468 runs (including a 117 in the South Rd game to help us retain the Bradbrook-Maetes Cup). He was well supported by Captain Phil Jeffery with 335 runs @ 37 and Paul McGowran 316 @ 35, including a top score of 107. Guy Hobbs also chipped in with 248 runs.

Simon Morris led the bowling attack to take 23 wickets @ 22 and was supported by Phil Jeffery with 18 wickets. Brad Williamson, Heath Mackay and Ross Ormsby all tied for the fielding trophy. Phil Jeffery in his second year at Keswick won the JJ Heptinstall Trophy with 635 points.

​The B Grade, captained by Trevor Smith, finished minor premiers, but lost the semi-final to North Haven. Tony Forde was the only batsman to hit over 200 with 219. The bowling was their strength all year and was led by Michael Bradbrook taking 21 wickets @ 12. Shane Ingram supported him well with 18 wkts @ 13 and Trevor Smith led from the front as captain taking 18 wkts @ 8. Barry Kearsley also took 16 wickets while Chris Sentence took 14 @ 12. All of the top 7 wicket takers including Greg Morris and Craig Coretti averaged under 20 (Morris 12 and Coretti 10). The fielding was won again by Allan Webster.

​The C Grade had an inconsistent year, winning only 4 games. With two of these wins being outright, they earned enough points to finish fourth – eventually losing the semi-final to the top side. Michael Williams (Woody), in his first year as captain won the batting trophy scoring 230 runs and was the only batsman to score over 200 for the year. The C’s made the finals on the back of Glenn McGowran’s 122 no in the final game of the year – a must win game in what would become a classic knock for the ages. The bowling was their strength and was led by club stalwart Andrew Mills, taking 23 wickets @ 17 with a best of 7/40. Woody took 16 wickets and Chris Sentence for the second year running, took the same wickets in the C’s as the B’s to finish with 14 wickets.

​The D Grade was co-captained by Andy Rigby and John Zadow, whose goal was to blood new players, which they did successfully. Batting was their weakness with Stewart Jones winning with 189 runs from first year player Mark Lewis with 188. New player, Matt Sharp won the bowling with 21 wkts @ 12. Mark Lewis and John Zadow took 11 wickets each to be the only bowlers with over 10. The new players introduced from this side including James McIntyre, Sam Calleja, Mark Lewis, Ben Wilkinson and Jarrod Dunning provided optimism for the future at Keswick.

  • The year saw two life members play 200 games, Trevor Smith and Grant Murphy who had proven to be just as good off the field as on it.
  • Simon Morris and Bradley Williamson both played their 150th games.
  • Kev Caulfield powered to 4000 runs as a wicket-keeper/batsman.
  • Colin Hopkins passed 3000 runs.

Club person of the year was Tony Forde for all his work on and off the field while Shane Ingram won the Players Choice for his efforts in both the C’s and B’s. Andrew McCabe was the Under 21 Player of the Year.

​The end of the year saw the passing of the baton, with 7 year President Grant Murphy stepping down, with his Secretary Glenn Butcher after 4 years at the helm and his Vice President Ross Ormsby. The club is forever indebted for their service. Many captains were also not continuing with the next season promising much change with the changing of the guard.

2005 - 06

The season began with an influx of new players that would usher in one of Keswick’s most successful periods. Dr John Miller was the newly appointed President, with Andy Rigby as his Vice President. Grant Murphy took on the Secretary role and Tony Forde continued as Treasurer. Andy Rigby, as Vice President, took on the massive job of recruiting and brought to the club so many new players that the club had to enter a fifth side. Andy Rigby and John Zadow are to be commended for the introduction of many new players over the last two years while sacrificing their own team’s performances for the betterment of the club. The committee also appointed new captains, after an exhaustive interview process Heath Mackay was appointed A Grade captain; Brad Williamson, B Grade; Michael Williams, C Grade (to be replaced by David Curyer); John Miller, D Grade and John Zadow, E Grade. The sides were in division 1, 2, 4, 6 and 7.

​Keswick’s A, B, C and D Grades all made finals, with the E Grade finishing fifth. The B and C Grade sides ultimately won the premiership. With all sides, we had a 70% win ratio, 61 games, 42 wins, 14 losses and 5 draws. The most memorable was round 4 when all 5 sides won! The club had fortunately moved back to training at Immanuel College while maintaining the home base of Camden Beach Sports club. Notable new players were Daniel Charter (son of life member David), his friend Nathan Jacobs (future Secretary), Anthony Fahey, Scott Martin, Trent Ribaczkow, Evan Siviour and the trio of Liam Harris (future captain) with father and son Dave & Russell (Rusty) Curyer. Dave would go on to become a premiership captain, and Russell a future life member and statistically our best player.

  • Peter “Kipper” Williamson reached 250 games.
  • Glenn McGowran and Colin Hopkins reached 150 games.
  • Andy Rigby and John Murphy reached 100 games.
  • Barry Kearsley continued to stretch his lead as the clubs leading run scorer, reaching 9000 runs.
  • Guy Hobbs, Heath Mackay, Brad Williamson and Allan Webster all made 3000 runs.
  • The two inswing bowlers Shane Ingram and Craig Coretti both brought up 200 wickets
  • Young quick Kurt McKinley took his 100th dismissal for the club.

Eight players scored centuries – the highest being 148 no from Heath Mackay vs Coromandel in a one day game. Brad Williamson, Sam Calleja, Trent Ribaczkow, Michael Williams, Craig Douglass and Allan Webster all scored centuries during the year. Andy McCabe took the most wickets with 32 (26 in div 2 & 6 div 1) followed by Trevor Smith with 31 and John Murphy and Kurt McKinley with 30. Greg Morris put in the performance of the year taking a hat trick in the Grand Final.

​John Murphy, with 786 points won the JJ Heptinstall Trophy and the Player’s Choice which was now named after club stalwarts, Allen “Horse” Liebelt and John Zadow. Phil Jeffery won the Association Division 1 Batting Trophy with an even 500 runs in the minor rounds. Kev Caulfield confirmed what everybody already knew – that he was one of the finest keepers the Association – scoring 49 out of a possible 55 votes to be leading across all divisions. Heath Mackay represented Keswick with aplomb at Association level, being the captain of the CUSA cup and also being awarded player of the series. Kurt McKinley won the under 21’s award. Voula Tzaras was Club Person of the Year. Long-time servant Lyn Bradbrook was acknowledged for her outstanding contribution to Keswick, in being A Grade scorer for an eternity and committee member and was awarded the SACA Volunteer Award which was thoroughly deserved.

​​The A Grade, under new captain Heath Mackay, had an outstanding year finishing second. They were defeated by Western Youth Centre in the Semi-Final in only their third loss for the season. From number 6, Phil Jeffery led the batting, scoring 531 runs @ 48. He also won the Barry Kearsley A Grade Cricketer of the Year. Heath again led from the front scoring 476 runs @ 47. Paul McGowran scored 264 runs and first year player Russell Curyer (showing he would be a player of the future) scored 256 runs.

With raw pace, Kurt McKinley was the stand-out, taking 30 wickets @ 11. Kurt was ably backed by new ball partner, the in-swinging Craig Coretti with 22 wkts @ 18. Anthony Fahey took 17 wickets while first year leggie, Scott Martin took 11 wickets to go with his 174 runs, giving the A’s an extremely strong bowling attack. Rusty Curyer in his first year secured the fielding trophy in a sign of things to come.



The B Grade were the most successful team under first year captain Brad “Nipper” Williamson winning 10 out of 13 games to finish 2nd after the minor round and played two excellent finals to become division 2 premiers. Kev Caulfield secured the B-Grade Batting Trophy and Man of the Match honours with a courageous 59 runs in the Grand Final – even after breaking his nose in an incident at training a couple of days prior. Captain Brad Williamson was second in B-Grade batting with 352 runs @ 32, followed by Allan Webster with 294 runs @ 36, Guy Hobbs 276 runs @ 30 and Chris Jeffery 216 runs @ 36. Another highlight was the semi-final performance of Allan Webster (76 runs) and Chris Jeffery (122 runs), who together had a 180-run, second-wicket partnership against Kenilworth to put the match out of their reach.

The bowling was led by young-gun, 19 year old Andy McCabe who took 26 wkts @ 13 (including 9 wickets in the final series, 5/66 in the semi and 4/24 in the grand-final) to be player of the final series. Trevor Smith took 26 wkts @ 12 and Shane Ingram, when available provided ample back up with 12 wkts @ 18. Allan Webster led by example in the field winning the fielding. It was a fantastic team effort from the B’s, playing mostly A Grade sides with everyone stepping up when required.

​The Keswick C Grade was team work incentivized showing true character to win the premiership. Michael “Woody” Williams resigned half way through the season and first year player Dave Curyer took the reins with outstanding results. They were belted in their first two games and then never lost another game until round 10 against undefeated North Haven. From fourth, the C’s returned to North Haven for the Semi-Final and beat them convincingly, chasing their poor 78. The Grand Final was a classic, with rags to riches, Greg Morris showing true Keswick character. Dropped from the B Grade team he excelled in both finals to be player of the finals series. In the Grand-Final he took a hat trick (4-47). Chasing 203 runs, Keswick were 7/92 when Greg Morris and John Warne went to work in resurrecting the innings with a partnership of 102. John Warne (57) and Greg Morris unbeaten on 37, with two wickets in hand Mark Lewis sealed the deal with a 6 and the party began.



Skipper Dave Curyer led from the front scoring 257 runs @ 28, followed by Gordon Florance 240 runs @ 26. John Warne (223 runs) and Barry Kearsley (205 runs) also scored over 200. Mark Lewis led the bowling with 18 wkts @ 12. Barry Kearsley in a fine all-rounders year took 16 wkts @ 14 and Andrew Mills 15 wkts @ 13. Fielding was won by Jarrod Dunning.

​The D Grade captained by John Miller also finished second but like the A’s lost in the Semi Final. John Murphy was the side’s stand-out player scoring 336 runs, batting mostly between 7 and 9 – averaging 49 runs and taking 27 wickets @ 11. John Miller was next in the batting with 261 runs, closely followed by Doug Host 242, Tony Lieven 207 and Roger Jones 202 runs. Shaun Hansen, as always, offered great support with the new ball taking 22 wkts @ 12 while Chris Sentence with 15 wickets backed them up well. The fielding was won by Matt Hood. The D’s won 9 out of a possible 12 games and most pleasing was 11 players who played in the side during the year became premiership players in either the C’s or the B’s in a great club effort.

​The E Grade under John Zadow ended fifth and can be considered unlucky to miss finals due to a controversial decision by the Association to award Pro-rata points to two sides that entered division 7 after the first two games. Stuart Jones won the batting with 274 runs @30 while Trent Ribaczkow scored 206 from his 4 games. Peter Williamson made 195 with most of his runs coming under pressure at number 5.

Steve Skinner won another bowling trophy taking 21 wkts @ 12 backed up by John Zadow with 19, Bun Chuum 14 and Mitesh Shah 11 wickets. Special mention to Andy Rigby for his keeping and vice captaining and Allen “Horse” Liebelt who was team manager, scorer and as Zadow says “epitomises what life membership is about”. Motto for the E’s was “Bat your overs out.”

​Tony Forde was awarded life membership for all his years of service to Keswick. With one of our most successful years ever optimism was very high for the following season.

2006 - 07

Much optimism was surrounding the season and it proved to be (in terms of wins) our most successful season ever. John Miller was again President with Allan Webster his Vice, Grant Murphy remained as Secretary and Tony Forde as Treasurer.

​We were the only club to have 3 sides in the top three divisions, following the success of the C’s last year, with our final two sides in division 6 and 7. Despite this we had a 72% winning record (best ever), winning 45 (4 outright) and losing only 17 games in total over 5 teams. Four teams made the Grand Final with one winning it and the other being knocked out in the Semi Finals.

Before the season started Phil Jeffery retired and Anthony Fahey was unable to play due to work commitments but we still introduced another 9 players, notably Scott Patching and Todd Goodrich.

​The Captains Heath Mackay (530) & Brad Williamson (407) were the two top run scorers in the club with Shaun Hansen leading the bowlers with 36 wickets. Shaun also won the Division 6 Association Trophy. He was closely followed by Kurt McKinley and Andrew Mills with 33 wickets apiece. Heath Mackay once again eclipsed his own A Grade individual record score, blasting 176 no to have the highest individual score by a Keswick Division 1 batsman. Heath also captained the Association match, which he played along with while Scott Martin and Rusty Curyer. Rusty scored 121 runs in one of the matches.

Milestones were aplenty:

  • President Dr John Miller playing his 250th game and also making his 5000th run, no less in the Grand Final.
  • Ross Ormsby celebrated 150 games.
  • Paul Abbott and Bob Bateman passed 100 games.
  • Paul McGowran passed 3000 runs.
  • Shaun Hansen and Doug Host notched 2000 runs.
  • Craig Coretti and Gordon Florance reaching 1000 runs.
  • Greg Morris and Andrew Mills took 100 wickets.
  • John Murphy and Barry Kearsley took 200 wickets (not bad for a wicket keeper).
  • In a most remarkable achievement Steve Skinner took his 500th wicket. It was his second wicket in the 6/36 he took against Sheidow Park IV. He is now the third player to reach this milestone and looking to pass John Robinson on 558 wickets.

Barry Kearsley won Club Person of the Year. Andrew Mills won the Liebelt/Zadow Players Choice Award. Andy McCabe won the Under 21 Player of the Year while Allan Webster & Chris Jeffery tied for the Simon Brett Fielder of the Year. In his second year, with 710 points, Russell Curyer won the JJ Heptinstall Trophy.

​The A Grade was superbly led by Heath Mackay and finished the minor round in 2nd having won 8 (1 outright) and lost 3. They won a tight Semi Final against Westminster by 3 runs – courtesy of 4 wickets each to Rusty Curyer and Kurt McKinley and a 50 on the first day from skipper Heath Mackay. Unfortunately, they went on to lose the Grand Final to fourth place ICC Sharks in a heartbreaking run chase where they looked in control. Heath led the way making a remarkable 530 runs @ 53 for the year. Second year player Rusty Curyer made 406 runs @ 40, opening the batting, while his opening partner Allan Webster made 330 runs. Paul Abbott also made 307 runs @ 43 in what must be a first – having 4 batsman all score over 300 runs. Gordon Florance also hit his Division 1 maiden century with a 108 no during the season. Rusty would win his first A Grade Cricketer of the Year.

Craig Coretti won another Bowling Trophy taking 27 wickets backed up by Russell Curyer with 23 wkts @ 13. Todd Goodrich with 20, Kurt McKinley with 18 wickets and Scott Martin (to go with his 173 runs) took 16 wickets to offer good support. Allan Webster again won the Fielding Trophy.

​The B Grade also had a very successful year led by Brad Williamson. They finished 2nd with 9 wins (1 outright) and two losses. They won a tight Semi-Final against Coromandel. Chasing 186 runs, Keswick won in the penultimate over of the day courtesy of a ninth-wicket partnership between Greg Morris and Captain Brad Williamson (51*). Unfortunately, they lost the Grand Final to an undefeated South Road by 6 wickets.

Brad Williamson led the way with the batting making 407 runs @ 50 including a 100 no. He was ably supported by Guy Hobbs with 296 @ 42 and Paul McGowran 233 runs @ 29. Gordon Florance impressed also making 193 runs @ 48.

Two young guns Andy McCabe and Liam Harris led the bowling, taking 19 wickets apiece with Liam’s average coming at 12 including the only 4 wickets in the Grand Final. Greg Morris and Kurt McKinley backed them up with 15 wickets each with Trevor Smith taking 13. Greg Morris won the fielding trophy.

The C Grade, in division 3, led by Dave Curyer performed well above expectations. They won 7 and lost 4 to finish fourth. Unfortunately they could not win the Semi-Final. Dave Curyer led the way with the bat with 261 runs, closely followed by Bob Bateman with 253 and John Murphy with 203 runs. John Murphy proved once again his quality as an all-rounder also taking 23 wickets. Andrew Mills led the attack continually crashing through oppositions, taking 33 wickets to lead the bowling. John Warne gave much support with 13 wickets and winning the fielding.

The D Grade in section 6, captained by John Miller made up for the heartbreak of the year before by winning 9 (one outright) and only losing once to finish top and comfortably winning the premiership. Jim McIntyre led the batting with 270, nudging out John Miller with 268 runs. Grant Murphy, Doug Host (also scoring 104 no), Khim Tew and Trent Ribaczkow all scored over 200 runs to show great consistency.

The bowling was dominated by Shaun Hansen who took 34 wickets @ 15, and was awarded Player of the Finals series with 6/18 in the Semi-Final and 3/21 in the Grand Final. Steve Skinner continued to show his quality taking 20 wickets with Michael Williams taking 14 as great back up. Khim Tew won the Fielding Trophy. The D’s showed great team spirit throughout the year.

On a personal note, Dr John Miller captained his 3rd premiership and played in his 8th premiership – which is the most of anyone to have ever played for Keswick.

The E Grade won 7 (1 outright) and lost 3 to also make the Grand Final. They were undefeated at Christmas, but lost three matches thereafter. They dominated the Semi Final, beating the top side Sharks. Unfortunately, they then only made 107 runs in the Grand Final which was passed comfortably 5 down by Coromandel Ramblers. Stuart Jones was comfortably their best player scoring 319 runs @ 39 with a highest of 135 no. He also won the bowling taking 25 wkts @ 12. Bun Chuum and Vaughn Oke also scored over 200. Ross Ormsby, in a cameo scored a 125 during the year. Matt Priest, Bun Chuum and Josh Bollenhagen all took over ten wickets. Evan Siviour was the stand out fielder.

​After a year of such high success the next year was one with high expectations.

2007 - 08

The Executive remained the same except for Ross Ormsby coming back as Vice President. Our top three sides remained in the top three divisions with our D’s promoted to division 5 and the E’s in section 7.

​The A Grade, captained by Brad Williamson won 5 and lost 6 matches. They won their last 2 games outright to finish the season in fifth position. Three games were lost by fewer than 5 runs or by 1 wicket. Guy Hobbs, in announcing his A Grade retirement, won the John Robinson Batting Trophy with 350 runs @ 50. Heath Mackay scored 317 runs while opening batsmen Rusty Curyer scored 275 and Paul McGowran 246 runs. Craig Coretti dominated the bowling, and even though he never got choice of ends took 30 wickets at 21. Two young bowlers Kurt McKinley (25 wkts) and Liam Harris with 24 wkts @ 13 also showed the A’s had a great future. All three bowlers ended in the top 6 of the JJ Heptinstall Trophy. Todd Goodrich, Scott Martin and Andy McCabe all took over 10 wickets.

​The B’s made the Grand Final under captain Tony Forde, but lost to Sheidow Park after they went through from second when the Semi Final was heated out against Warradale. The batting had everyone contributing at some stage during the year. James McIntyre narrowly won the batting with 215 runs, ahead of Mohit Pahuja on 214. The bowling was led by Gordon Florance with 23 wkts @ 13, with his outswingers. Trevor Smith was exceptional taking 19 wkts @ 8 while Mohit Pahuja took 18 wickets.

​The C Grade in division 3, under first year captain Colin Hopkins would only lose one game during the year and won the Grand Final comfortably against Sheidow Park. Jim McIntyre proved his brilliance making 554 runs @ 61 including a highest score of 152. Jim also hit 5 fifties during the season and won the Association Division 3 Batting Trophy. Colin Hopkins lent good support with 356 runs while Barry Kearsley (266) and Bob Bateman (232) were also consistent. Trent Ribaczkow from 5 games made 144 runs @ 72.

The bowling was always the strength with Grant Murphy (16 wkts), Andrew Mills (14), Chris Sentence (12) and Michael Bradbrook (12) lending great support. The bowling was dominated by Shaun Hansen who playing only 7 games for the year took 30 wickets @ 13 including a 7/20 and 10 wickets for the match. Shaun would end up winning the Association Division 3 Bowling Trophy. Shaun would also go on to take 7/49 in the Grand Final to be Man of the Match. Jim McIntyre and Colin Hopkins also both hit fifties in the Semi Final. It was a great all round team performance with Matt Hood winning the fielding.

​The D Grade, captained by John Miller also ended fifth. This side was dominated by Alan Doubleday who scored a remarkable 597 runs @ 59. He ended up breaking the club’s highest ever individual score (Pat Sincock 204*) to retire with 207 including 21 sixes and 14 fours against Sheidow Park. Doubleday would also score 122 during the year. Steve Verco returned to the club scoring 369 runs @ 52 with his first century (132 no). Scott Voigt on his return won the bowling with 13 wickets from 6 games. Evan Siviour was the best fielder all year.

​The E Grade, captained by Andy Rigby finished fourth but due to the heat policy did not have the chance to go through to the Grand Final. David Robertson won the batting with 262 runs @ 131 from 6 games. Stuart Jones took 30 wickets for the year with Scott Evans taking 22 wickets. Mark Brake won the fielding.

​Alan Doubleday won the JJ Heptinstall Trophy, Debra Curtis was Club Person of the Year and Jim McIntyre was the Players Choice. Andy McCabe won the Under 21, Evan Siviour won the Simon Brett Fielder of the Year and Craig Coretti won the Barry Kearsley A-Grade Player of the Year.

​Many milestone games were reached during the year:

  • Doug Host, Chris Sentence, Jim McIntyre and Heath Mackay reached 100 games.
  • Guy Hobbs, Craig Coretti and Paul McGowran all reached 150 games.
  • Shaun Hansen and Kev Caulfield played 200 games with Shaun reaching his in style during the Grand Final.
  • Steve Skinner reached 300. Steve always a quiet achiever has been as competitive in his first as his 300th and he is still bowling the ball in so many directions no one can pick it.
  • Barry Kearsley has started creeping towards Kevin Anderson’s club record games celebrating 350 games. Baz, now playing down the grades is still admired as one of our best cricketers we have seen.

The Adelaide & Suburban Association team also provided a highlight going through to the CUSA Cup Final at Adelaide Oval. The team was captained by our own Heath Mackay and he was joined in the side by Russell Curyer.

​This year marked the end of an era, with our home base of Camden Beach Sports Centre for the last 6 years, closing. This was a tremendous base and was a huge part of our success and was going to be impossible to replace but a task the next committee had to take on.

After 18 years on the committee and 14 as an Executive, due to personal reasons Grant Murphy could not continue on the committee. Grant would leave a massive hole and the club is forever thankful for everything he did for our great club. He will be irreplaceable.

​Ross Ormsby and Brad “Nipper” Williamson were awarded life membership for their years of service on the committee and years of dedication. Bradley would be the first father/son life members (father Peter “Kipper” Williamson.) Both Ross and Brad originally came from the Keswick Juniors under Craig Lawn.

2008 - 09

The year began with Doc Miller as President and Sam Calleja as his deputy. Tony Forde was Treasurer again and John Zadow was secretary before resigning with Darren Ridings taking over.

​The first job of the committee was to find new club rooms. Keswick was once again reacquainted with Birkalla while utilising Marymount as a sub-lease for the A & B’s home ground. The season saw us once again nominate 5 sides with 3 making finals and one winning another premiership.  Keswick would debut another 18 players during the season.

​Russell (Rusty) Curyer captained the A’s for the first time, winning 5 and losing 5 to finish 7th. Rusty dominated the year winning the JJ Heptinstall Trophy, Player’s Choice, The Barry Kearsley Best A Grade Player and both Batting and Bowling Trophies. Russell would score 456 runs @ 50 including 136 no vs South Road and was well supported by Scott Patching with 242 runs. Scott Martin made 211 runs @ 52 from 4 games.

Rusty also dominated the bowling taking 27 wickets @ 13, being well supported by Deepak Bhardwaj with 14 and Kurt McKinley with 13 wickets. Scott Curyer in his first year won the fielding. Pleasingly the A’s had many new players consisting of Deepak Bhardwaj, Lucky Singh, Brad Warman and Scott Curyer as a changing of the guard.

​The B’s in division 2 were captained by Tony Forde and finished third to lose the semi-final to Plympton. The batting was led by Paul McGowran with 265 runs @ 44 including a score of 148. Chris Jeffery also scored 215 runs.

Mark Lewis and PJ Barker tied the bowling with 23 wickets with PJ Barker taking a 7/47 while 17 year old Matt Smith showed promise taking 13 wickets. Evan Siviour won the fielding.

​The C’s captained by Sam Calleja struggled in division 3, finishing tenth with 3 wins. David Robertson led the batting with 282 runs. Bob Bateman also made 202 runs. Lucky Singh, Shaun Hansen and Michael Bradbrook all tied for the bowling with 10 wickets from limited games (Shaun Hansen 2.) Evan Siviour won the C Grade fielding.


​The D Grade in section 4 led by Doc Miller finished the minor round in 2nd and won the premiership defeating Sheidow Park in the Grand Final.

The batting was dominated by Alan Doubleday, scoring a mammoth 646 runs @ 80 including scores of 175, 146, 96 and 100* in the semi-final against North Haven where we were chasing 189. Barry Kearsley also dominated scoring 376 runs at a Bradman-like average of 94. Grant Murphy was solid batting at 3, scoring 249 runs @ 49 while Jim McIntyre scored 238 runs including 58 in the semi-final and 44no in the Grand Final, with the side chasing 106 runs for victory. David Robertson in his only game scored an even century.

Andrew Mills wound back the clock to lead the bowling with 21 wickets including 6 in the final series. Duncan Cook and John Warne took 16 wickets apiece as back up while John Warne led the fielding. A great result for the D’s.

​The E’s captained by Nathan Jacobs finished fourth in division 6 and lost the semi-final comprehensively.  Old work-horse Peter Williamson led the batting at the ripe old age of 61 with 266 runs @ 53 closely followed by David Giannotti with 259 runs. Steve Skinner, also in his sixties, won the bowling with 17 wickets to lead the way for the veterans. Michael Williams, Ben Wilkinson, Stuart Jones and Mark Lewis all scored centuries during the year with Mark Lewis scoring an incredible 181* before being declared on. David Giannotti was the best fielder for the year.

  • ​Two club juniors, Allan Webster and Brad Williamson, who both started as 12 year olds, passed 200 games.
  • Greg Morris also passed 100 games.
  • Alan Doubleday passed 5000 runs.
  • Tony Forde cemented his place as one of the best all-rounders passing 3000 runs.
  • Shaun Hansen moved up the bowling list, becoming the only brother combination to take 400 wickets each (brother David took 412) and actually passed his brother to move up to 5th overall.
  • Barry Kearsley, one of our greatest cricketers, notched up a huge personal milestone, becoming the first Keswick cricketer to make 10000 runs, making it against ICC Sharks while playing division 2. Historical facts say 248 centuries have been made with Barry making the most with 11 centuries.

Four Keswick players represented the Association over 3 matches. They were Russell Curyer (captain), Scott Curyer, Scott Patching and Kurt McKinley.

PJ Barker won Under 21 Cricketer of the Year while Tony Forde won another Club Person of the Year Trophy. After 5 years as Treasurer, Tony Forde decided to step down leaving a great legacy. He had doubled the clubs money through smart term deposits and grants in his time. Club founder, Joe Heptinstall also donated a major amount of money to the club after successfully dabbling in the share market. Joe, we are forever indebted to your kindness and leadership.

​On a sad note Life member and former A Grade captain Peter Connell passed away at age 79. Peter was a magnificent servant of our club in its formative years. He captained for 11 years from 1962 – 73. He was a division 3 premiership captain in 1979 and was awarded life membership in 1979. He played 219 games, made 4862 runs and took 125 wickets. RIP.

2009 - 10

The year began with Dr John Miller as President, Brad Williamson as his Vice, Glenn McGowran as Secretary and Darren Ridings as Treasurer.

The year would see Shaun Hansen win the JJ Heptinstall Trophy and the Liebelt/Zadow Players Choice. Callum Hutchins won the Under 21 Player of the Year, and Evan Siviour won the Simon Brett Fielder of the Year. Lucky Singh and Russell Curyer tied for the Barry Kearsley A-Grade Cricketer of the Year.

Keswick again fielded 5 sides this season. In addition, the inaugural T20 competition was held with Russell Curyer being both T20 and club captain again.

​The A Grade had a magnificent year under Russell Curyer finishing top, and winning 9 out of a possible 11 games. Unfortunately, they were bundled out in the semi-finals. Pleasingly it was one of our youngest A Grade sides in years. In his return to the club, Heath Mackay was back to his dominating-self, making 521 runs, including 2 centuries back-to-back with a highest score of 139 runs and an average of 52. He was well backed by Captain Russell Curyer with 298 runs. The bowling was their strength with Lucky Singh taking 33 wickets. He was well backed up by Kurt McKinley with 27, Russell Curyer 17, Scott Voigt 15 and Greg Morris 12 wickets. Paul McGowran won the fielding.

A highlight during the year was the record 6th wicket partnership between Heath Mackay and Ross Ormsby, after coming in at 5/86 they put on 182no.

Russell Curyer once again captained the Association side with Heath Mackay, Kurt McKinley, Lucky Singh and Simon Morris representing the team.

​One success story was the T20 knock out competition, which Russell Curyer captained, with Keswick winning the competition in its first year, winning all four knock out games.

​The B Grade was captained by Colin Hopkins in division 2 and the batting was led by new player Andrew McCullagh from Queensland. He played 5 games scoring 361 runs @ 90 with three centuries. Colin Hopkins led from the front with 315 runs @ 52 from Guy Hobbs (264), Craig Coretti (202.) Simon Morris from 6 innings scored 197 runs while Brad Williamson from 4 games scored 171 runs @ 42 including an 88 in the semi-final. 

The bowling was led by Shaun Hansen, with a remarkable 47 wickets, including a best of 8/112 with 6, 5 wicket hauls and one haul of 10 for the match. He would also win the Association bowling. He was ably supported by Craig Coretti with his 24 wickets (7/44 in the semi-final) in a fine all-rounders year.  Gordon Florance also was a fine all-rounder taking 11 wickets and making 190 runs. Dean Fox won the fielding.

The B’s finished third with 8 wins and unfortunately never got the chance to chase the 270 runs set by Warradale when the rain came.

​The C’s captained by Mark Brake struggled in section 3, winning 2 games. Alan Doubleday made 320 runs including another century. Only one other batsman scored over 100 runs (107). The bowling was won by Grant Murphy taking 11 wickets. Fielding was won by Evan Siviour.

​The D’s captained by Barry Kearsley struggled in section 4, winning 3 games. Barry Kearsley won the batting with 255 runs including his 12th century.  Michael Breton closely followed with 223 runs while Krish Kalluri made 127no on debut. Breton led the bowling with 17 wickets (best 7/59) while Kearsley took 11 wickets (including 6/56) and young Callum Hutchins took 10 wickets as a 14 year old. Callum also won the fielding.

​In Division 6, the E Grade was captained by Andy Rigby. They won 7 games, but missed a finals berth by percentage. Julian Byas won the batting with 337 runs including a high of 150 runs @ 42. Steve Verco (309), Liam Harris (241 runs @ 60) and Brad Warman (225) were consistent with the bat. Steve Verco and Liam Harris also scored centuries during the year.

Proving age does not weary, Steve Skinner won the bowling again with 17 wickets @ 10 – tying with Julian Byas. Andrew Mills from 6 games took 13 wickets @ 7.

Peter Williamson scored 5000 runs at 62 years of age while great friends, Colin Hopkins and Guy Hobbs passed 4000 runs while both at the crease together! Hobbs smacked 32 while Hopkins was the last dismissed for 91 runs.

This season saw many club legends reach milestones.

  • Peter “Kipper” Williamson passed 300 games after coming to the club as a matured age recruit. He is one of two multiple premiership captains.
  • Grant Murphy and Trevor Smith passed 250 games.
  • Tony Forde and Simon Morris passed 200 games. Simon, along with partner Stacey are a long-term sponsor of the club with their company, Guardian Interlock.
  • Another great club sponsor (Structurally Sound Engineering) Michael Bradbrook played 150 games to extend the games played by Bradbrooks at the club.

Shaun Hansen was awarded life membership for his years of service to the Keswick Cricket Club.

​Sadly, life member Daryl Thalbourne passed away in April 2010. He played 239 games, scoring 3211 runs and taking 300 wickets. He was A Grade captain for 3 seasons and award life membership in 1978. A fine club man and all-rounder, RIP.

Keswick Cricket Club shield logo


2010 - 11

John Miller stayed on as President with Colin Hopkins as his deputy. Andrew Rigby took on the role of secretary after Glenn McGowran resigned due to health reasons. Darren Ridings returned as Treasurer.

This was to be the second season in the club’s history that no side made the finals, and would also see the club having to drop their fifth side.

​The A’s were again captained by Russell Curyer and struggled, winning 5 games and finishing 8th. Rusty led the way with the batting making 310 runs. Heath Mackay made 225 runs – the two were the only players to make over 200 runs. Kurt McKinley led the bowling with 23 wickets @ 11 with Rusty Curyer and Lucky Singh taking 18 wickets each. Rusty won the fielding.

​In division 2, Scott Curyer took over the B Grade captaincy half-way through the year and they finished well down the ladder. Steve Verco won the batting with 175 runs from only 4 innings. Greg Morris took 14 wickets and Simon Krieg 13 wickets, with Scott Curyer winning the fielding.

​The C Grade, captained by Nathan Jacobs was out of their depth in section 3 and finished bottom. Michael Williams made 267 with Bob Bateman making 213 runs. Ross Ormsby in his cameo game was next in the batting with 106, where he scored 106no. Mark Lewis and Michael Williams tied for the bowling with ten wickets, while Evan Siviour won the fielding.

​The D’s in division 5 finished down the table. Barry Kearsley won another batting trophy with 286 runs. Ken McKinley made 244 runs (including 107no) to be second, with Andy Rigby making 223 runs to be third. Michael Breton took 23 wickets @ 8, while David Charter with his loopy offies took 13 wickets @ 8 including a 7/21.

​The T20 side, captained by Russell Curyer, were knocked out early. Opener Heath Mackay’s century against ICC Sharks was a highlight.

​Russell Curyer again captained the Association side, in addition to winning the JJ Heptinstall Trophy. Barry Kearsley was awarded A Grade Player of the Year. The Liebelt/Zadow Player’s Choice was won by Michael Breton, while Nikki and Mark Brake won the Club Person of the Year. In his first year, Simon Krieg, who debuted with his twin brother Daniel, won the Under 21 Player of the Year. Simon and Daniel, along with Alistair Wiegelmann debuted as a core of young players.

  • Darren Nicolai, a player from the 80’s returned and played his 150th game. He also scored his 3000th run.
  • Andy Rigby notched up 150 games and will be remembered as a fine clubman who wore his heart on his sleeve. He announced his retirement moving to Moonta Bay. We thank him for his years of service.
  • Gordon Florance, Kurt McKinley and Steve Verco played 100 games.
  • Grant Murphy took his 400th wicket.
  • Liam Harris took his 100th wicket.
  • Heath Mackay and Kevin Caulfield passed 5000 runs.
  • Brad Williamson and Paul McGowran passed 4000 runs.
  • Russell Curyer passed 2000 runs.

​Glenn McGowran and Simon Morris were awarded life membership for their years of service to Keswick.

​Sadly, life member Allen “Horse” Liebelt passed away during the year. He played 223 games, made 2676 runs to go with his 17 wickets, even though he was a Keeper. He was awarded life membership in 1983/84 and had held all executive positions within the club. He had captained lower sides in the club for many years (4) and even though retired as a player, he continued to score and be team manager of the lower teams in the club. A true life member giving back right until the end. RIP Horse.

2011 - 12

Our 70th year was a year of celebration which ended with a gala night at Adelaide Oval attended to by many past and present players. Club founder, Joe Heptinstall told many stories from the formative years, right up to the great club it is today.

The Executive committee consisted of John Miller as President, Heath Mackay as his Vice President, Khim Tew as Secretary and Darren Ridings as Treasurer.

​The 70th year would start with Westminster folding and many players coming across from that club. Fourteen new players would play across all grades, taking our overall players tally to 1040 players. Significant new players to Keswick were Steve McRae, Mark Sheppard, Jimmy Clarke, Ed Newbound, Apram Waraich and Ben Skinner (son of Steve). With many Westminster players coming across to Keswick we would gain the ground of Westminster turf wicket for the A’s and B’s and we would move the club rooms to the Marion Hotel.

​Shaun Hansen won the JJ Heptinstall Trophy. James Clarke, coming across from Westminster, won the Brian Part Club Person of the Year, while Aman Singh won the Zadow/Liebelt Player’s Choice. Simon Krieg again won the Under 21 Player of the Year while Scott Curyer won the Simon Brett Fielder of the Year and the Association Fielding Trophy. Russell Curyer won another Barry Kearsley, A Grade Cricketer of the Year.

  • ​Shaun Hansen raced to the 500 wicket mark, being the fourth player to do so and closing in on John Robinson’s 558 wickets in fourth.
  • There were many game milestones with Paul McGowran, Craig Coretti, Ross Ormsby, Colin Hopkins, Dale Hutchins and David Charter reaching the magical 200 games.
  • Bob Bateman played 150 games.
  • Michael (Woody) Williams reached 100 games.
  • The biggest milestone of all was reserved for the great Barry Kearsley who became only our second player to play 400 games, closing in on Kevin Anderson’s record 408 games.

​The A Grade were again captained by Russell Curyer and with a talented team had a poor year, finishing tenth and almost getting relegated. However, they won the last game to avoid this finishing with 4 wins and 7 losses. Coming over from Westminster, Steve McRae won his first John Robinson Batting Trophy with 342 runs. Paul McGowran followed closely with 323 runs including a last ball of the day century against Glenelg ANA.

The bowling was led by Lucky Singh, winning the Kevin Anderson bowling trophy with 24 wickets, closely followed by Aman (Spidy) Singh spinning a web with 22 wickets. Young 19 year old, Simon Krieg impressed with his pace to finish with 18 wickets. The captain Russell Curyer led the way in the field winning the fielding trophy.

​Captained by Rusty Curyer, the T20 side performed well winning two games before being knocked out in the Semi Final by South Road. Rusty was the star performer with a highest of 77 runs and best bowling figures of 3/9.

Russell Curyer and Aman Singh also represented the Association side.

​The B’s captained by Scott Curyer in section 2 performed well, making the finals from third with 7 wins and 4 losses before losing the semi-final. Best with the bat was Brad Williamson with 242 runs, closely followed by Mark Sheppard with 207 runs. Greg Morris led the bowling with 24 wickets from Scott Voigt with 22 wickets. Scott Curyer won the fielding.

​The C’s captained by Dave Robertson lost one game all year before losing the semi-final from top spot. Darren Ridings won the batting with 222 runs, followed by Bob Bateman with 203 and Steve Verco with 202 runs from 4 games only. Mark Sheppard, in a cameo appearance, provided the side’s only century with 111no. Grant Murphy continued his legacy taking 25 wickets @ 9 with the new ball, swinging it at will. Bob Bateman without the gloves, won the fielding.

​This year the club played in the trial of the new 7/7 in the lowest grade of division 7 and entered two teams.

​Barry Kearsley captained the experienced team made up of many past players of our club – several in their late 50’s. Sam Calleja was the only batsman to score over 200 runs with 234 including 86no in the semi-final – during which he achieved the rare feat of facing the very first and last ball of the day.

David Charter led the bowling with his high off-spinners, taking 24 wickets. He was supported by Michael Breton with 13 wickets and 15 year-old Ben Skinner in his debut season, taking 12 wickets to bring the average age down. He also won the fielding.


Keswick Whites were captained by Dr John Miller to a premiership, making it his fifth premiership as captain. This is a record, with the only other multiple premiership captains being Peter Williamson with two.

This side also had many past greats coming back to play under John and finished top of the ladder. Liam Harris had a great all-rounders year making 353 runs @ 50 including a 117. He made 53 and 86 in the final series to go with his 4 wickets to be player of the finals. Liam also took 26 wickets @ 9. Alan Doubleday nudged Liam Harris for the batting with 360 runs @ 40 including 51 in the Grand Final. Guy Hobbs came out of retirement to make 305 runs including 76 in the Grand Final opening the batting. John Miller from limited innings as captain, still provided good support with 167 runs @ 41.

Shaun Hansen also had a fine all-rounders year winning the bowling with 34 wickets @ 12 and making 228 runs. John Warne also bowled with pace to take 25 wickets and win the fielding.

​David Charter and Paul McGowran were awarded life membership for their years of service to Keswick.

​Craig Lawn, the Association secretary and Keswick life member was recognised by SACA. Craig received the SACA volunteer’s medal, for his 25 years of service.

2012 - 13

This season saw Dr John Miller as President, Scott Patching as his Vice President, Khim Tew as Secretary and Dean Thomas as Treasurer. Once again, our home base was at Westminster School.

​The A Grade was captained by Scott Patching before resigning due to injury with Heath Mackay taking over. The A’s had a good year finishing third and winning one final against South Road. They lost to Coromandel in the Preliminary final after the Association decided to have a 3 week final system.

Heath Mackay won the John Robinson Batting Trophy with 516 runs @ 46. He was well supported by Russell Curyer with 339 runs, and opener Steve McRae with 335 runs. His opening partner, first year player, Dan McCann scored 287 runs. The year would be remembered for the remarkable win against Coromandel Ramblers. When chasing 161 runs, Heath Mackay (102no) and Russell Curyer (31) came together to form a record ninth wicket partnership of 110 runs, for us to win by one wicket.

Craig Coretti won the Kevin Anderson bowling trophy with 38 wickets to prove swing is king. Steve McRae had a great all-rounder’s year with 32 wickets @ 10 – including 3 five wicket hauls and a 10 wicket match tally against North Haven in an outright win. Russell Curyer was a handy back-up with 20 wickets, while Aman Singh took 17 wickets. Ed Newbound was the best fielder during the year.

​Heath Mackay and Steve McRae represented Keswick at Association level with Heath being rewarded in the Team of the Year.

​​The T20 was captained by Scott Patching – they won 1 game and lost 2. Steve McRae was the stand-out making scores of 79*, 44 and 46 runs and taking 3 wickets. Aman Singh was the leading bowler with 6 wickets across the 3 games.

​In Section 2, The B’s were captained by Brad Williamson and finished fifth. Gordon Florance won the batting with 268 runs while Mark Sheppard was second with 235 runs including an unbeaten 107. Scott Voigt was best with the ball with 21 wickets while Mark Lewis had a fine all-rounders year making 160 runs and taking 12 wickets to go with his fielding trophy.

​The C’s were in Section 5 and made the finals, finishing fourth under captain David Robinson. Alan Doubleday (from 6 matches) won the batting with 312 runs, followed by Guy Hobbs with 259 runs @ 86 including a 168no. Sam Calleja offered good support with 228 runs as an opening batsman. David Robinson won the bowling with 20 wickets with David Giannotti winning the fielding.

​In Section 6, the D’s were captained by Barry Kearsley and also made the finals from third. Barry Kearsley once again showed his brilliance winning the batting with 319 runs from Michael Williams with 294 runs. Dale Hutchins opening the batting made 245 runs while Alan Doubleday, Michael Williams, Barry Kearsley and Michael Bradbrook all made 100’s during the year. David Charter took 15 wickets to win the bowling, while David Dryden won the fielding.

  • ​Darren Ridings joined his father as the third father son to play 100 games and he also passed 2000 runs.
  • All-rounders John Murphy and Greg Morris played 150 games.
  • Shaun Hansen was awarded Association life membership for 250 games.
  • ​Steve Skinner joined the 600 wickets bracket being only the second player to have done so.
  • Barry Kearsley enhanced his legendary status passing Kevin Anderson’s record 408 games with his 409th game. Not content on breaking the games record, in the same game, Barry passed 11000 runs with his 13th century in a record, unbroken 242 run partnership ( Barry 110*, Michael Williams 140*).

​Steve McRae was awarded the club’s highest honour winning the JJ Heptinstall Trophy and A Grade Cricketer of the Year. Heath Mackay won the Brian Part Club Person of the Year, and Grant Murphy topped off a consistent year in the C’s and B’s winning the Zadow/Liebelt Players Choice Award. Alistair Wiegelmann was the Under 21 Cricketer of the Year, while Ed Newbound won the Simon Brett Fielding Trophy.

2013 - 14

Barry Kearsley accepting his 4th JJ Hep Trophy from Joe Heptinstall at the 2014 Keswick Cricket Club AGM


The season began with President Dr John Miller and Scott Patching as Vice President. With Khim Tew resigning and no one stepping up to be secretary, Nathan Jacobs reluctantly filled the position for the year. Dean Thomas continued as Treasurer.

Once again the year would see us moving home grounds, with Westminster Old Scholars forming a team again. We ended up settling on our home grounds at Blackwood High.

​The year would see Barry Kearsley winning a record 4th JJ Heptinstall Trophy to be the club’s best player. Steve McRae won the Zadow/Liebelt Player’s Choice Award, Nathan Jacobs was the Brian Part Club Person of the Year, and Alistair Wiegelmann was Under 21 Player of the Year. Russell Curyer won the Simon Brett Fielding Trophy and a record sixth Barry Kearsley A-Grade Cricketer of the Year, passing Craig Douglass on 5 Barry Kearsleys.

  • ​Craig Coretti took his 400thwicket to be the youngest player to do so.
  • Gordon Florance took his 100th wicket. 
  • Russell Curyer, Khim Tew, Sam Calleja and Mark Brake all played their 100th games.
  • Heath Mackay played his 150th game.
  • Great club person Guy Hobbs reached 200 games.
  • Brad Williamson became a life member of the Association with 250 games.
  • Two of the club’s most decorated players reached the magical 300 games being Dr John Miller and Grant Murphy. Their playing record speaks for itself, but their administrative side is a credit to themselves. Grant Murphy has held all positions within the club having been on committee for 18 years and 14 years on Executive. Dr John is a record 5-time premiership captain and currently serving his eighth year as President, the equal most with Grant Murphy.

​​The A Grade under Heath Mackay, was our best performed side finishing just outside the four. The batting let them down all year and was won by James Clarke with 231 runs followed by Russell Curyer with 230 runs. The bowling was led by Steve McRae winning with 21 wickets @ 10, Aman Singh followed with 18 wickets. Russell Curyer won another fielding trophy.

​The T20 was captained by Dan McCann and we were eliminated in the second game of the SAMSA knock-out competition. In the ASCA competition, we won 3 games, but lost to South Road in the Grand Final.

​In Section 2, the B Grade was captained by Brad Williamson – winning 4 games and losing 6 games to finish fifth. Batting was disappointing with Brad Williamson winning with 160 runs. The bowling was not much better with Mark Lewis being the leading wicket taker with 11 wickets to go with his 155 runs. Mark Lewis capped off a fine year taking ten catches to win the fielding. Grant Murphy celebrated his 300th game opening with good friend Tony Forde and scoring a 50.

​The C Grade, captained by John Miller also had a disappointing year. Alan Doubleday led the batting with 197 runs and Shaun Hansen won another bowling trophy with 16 wickets.

​Under Barry Kearsley, the D’s only won two games to finish second-to-bottom. Barry Kearsley dominated with 320 runs @ 64 to go with his 13 wickets. Michael Breton won the bowling with 16 wickets, with Khim Tew taking 13 wickets as well.

​Craig Coretti having played 226 games and taking 402 wickets was awarded Life membership. He commenced playing in 1993, and is equal top for the most Kevin Anderson A-Grade Bowling Trophies with David Hansen with 5.

Colin Hopkins having played 223 games and made 4882 runs was also awarded life membership, both deserving and great club people.

​The following year there was still optimism, with Liam Harris looking to establish a Keswick Juniors and the A’s looking to build on a talented list. Heath Mackay had decided to step down as A Grade captain, as had Nathan Jacobs after 1 year as Secretary.

2014 - 15


This was one of Keswick’s hardest years off the field. The year would unfortunately see the passing of club founder Joe Heptinstall OAM. Many kind words were said about Joe at his funeral and the club is forever indebted to him. Since founding the Keswick Cricket Club in 1942, he had been heavily involved as a player, captain, administrator, mentor and supporter for 73 years. He would make the effort to visit every game no matter what the grade, and showed his support right to the end, at the A Grade Grand Final. We take comfort that he was joining his wife Josie who passed away a few months prior. It is hard to believe that since Joe formed the club, 1079 players have worn the Keswick colours and we were still going strong. RIP Joe, we are all forever grateful that you formed this great club and continued supporting it right until the end. Each JJ Hep winner will wear the grey cardigan with pride.

​This year John Miller continued as President, with Liam Harris as his Vice President. The Secretary role could not be filled at the AGM and Brad Williamson fulfilled the role on a part time basis. Colin Hopkins was Treasurer. The club also appointed Guy Hobbs as A Grade coach – he did a superb job in bringing the players together. Liam Harris continued his ambition to have a junior’s team. Liam, along with Dan McCann were the inaugural coaches and nominated an under 13’s side.

​The season began as a struggle with the captaincy of the B’s, C’s and D’s not being filled – leading to much uncertainty. The club ended up not having enough players to fill a D Grade so the club made the decision to drop back to 3 sides, the first time since the 1970’s.

​The A Grade was magnificent all year, finishing top and making the Grand Final. Unfortunately they lost the GF by ten wickets to Cove who won their third in a row.

Heath Mackay would once again establish himself as Keswick’s best ever batsman, winning a record eighth John Robinson Batting Trophy, scoring 541 runs @ 60, including a score of 153 – his 13th A Grade century, eclipsing the next best Barry Kearsley (5). Heath also hit 4 fifties during the year. His remarkable year would see him win the Barry Kearsley A-Grade Player of the Year. Heath’s reputation grew further, becoming the first Keswick player to win the Hewett Medal for the best player in the Association. He also passed 6000 runs during the year, predominantly scored in A Grade. The batting vastly improved from the year before with Captain James Clarke having a stellar year scoring 460 runs @ 46, including his maiden century. Opening batsman Steve McRae also led from the front, scoring 422 runs @ 42. Russell Curyer would pass the 3000 runs mark.

Kurt McKinley, back at Keswick, led the bowling taking 21 wickets @ 12, with Aman Singh backing him up well with 19 wickets, and first year player David (Archie) Vale with 14 wickets. Russell Curyer once again won the Simon Brett Fielding Trophy and the Association fielding trophy. Steve McRae had a great semi-final, bowling us to victory with a 6/21, including a famous hat trick in the match.

​The T20 side were captained by Scott Curyer and had a great year. They were knocked out in the first round of the SAMCA Cup but ended up winning the club’s second T20 knock out, winning the four games. Russell Curyer was judged to be the T20 player of the year and captain, Scott Curyer for his 47 runs in the Grand Final, was player of the Grand Final.

​The B’s struggled in division 2, having 4 different captains during the year and lacking any stability. They still ended sixth with 6 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws. The batting was won by Paul McGowran with 196 runs, while Gordon Florance led the bowling with 15 wickets. Greg Morris took his 200th wicket for the club. Alistair Wiegelmann also took a hat trick during the year with a 3/31 against North Haven. First year player Garth Skuse was the best fielder for the year. Colin Hopkins passed 5000 runs during the year also. Highlight of the year was a game against Woodcroft when, still requiring 125 runs to win Greg Morris and Darren Nickolai came together to steer Keswick to a famous victory. It was a record ninth wicket partnership With Nickolai 63no and Morris 70no.

​The C’s were in division 5 and finished fifth. Without a captain, Shaun Hansen took the reins and many weeks they played with only 8 or 9 players. Alan Doubleday had a standout year making 680 runs @ 97, including a club first, of two double centuries in the year! He won the Association division 5 batting and the JJ Heptinstall Trophy with 740 points. He is the 2nd leading run scorer for Keswick with 7279 runs having passed 7000 runs during the year, and he scored the highest individual score by a player with 226 runs passing his earlier 225no. Remarkably Darren Ridings and Alan Doubleday set a record 1st wicket partnership 257 in the round 5 match vs South Road only to be broken in round 8 against Western Youth with 259 by Sam Calleja (who also scored his 2000th run) and Alan Doubleday. Bob Bateman won the fielding and also passed 3000 runs during the year.

Shaun Hansen had another stellar year with the ball taking 32 wickets including two 5 wicket hauls to lead from the front. He also took a bag of 10 wickets for the match with a 4/45 & 6/36. Apram Waraich lent good support with 17 wickets. Dean Thomas passed the 150 games mark.

Keswick Juniors Team – First Win — at Immanuel College 2015

​Liam Harris took on the overwhelming task of forming a Keswick junior side. Working with the Association, his hard work paid off with a junior’s side taking to the field for the first time in twenty-one years. He chased many schools and sons of Keswick players to fill the under 13s team. He had help from Daniel McCann who offered to coach the side. They started the year with 8 players and even though it was a struggle at the beginning, they ended the year with 11 players. No statistics were kept from the first year but the steps were now in place for Keswick to grow from this platform. For his outstanding work in setting up the juniors program, Liam Harris was awarded the Brian Part Club Person of the Year.

2015 - 16

The year began with much optimism. Keswick was determined to get back to four sides, win an A Grade premiership after 20 years and continue the success of the juniors, all of which was achieved in a great year for the club.

A new executive committee formed with Dr John Miller as President and Heath Mackay as Vice President. Brad Williamson and Scott Patching took on the Secretary role and Colin Hopkins the role as Treasurer. Mark Brake and Daniel McCann would take on the tough role of junior coaches with Mark (Skid) Brake being the junior coordinator.

​Russell Curyer had an outstanding year winning the JJ Heptinstall Trophy with 892 points. Shaun Hansen won the Zadow/Liebelt Players Choice Award, and Craig Coretti the Brian Part Best Club Person.

  • ​Liam Harris played 100 games
  • Gordon Florance, Bob Morton (who started in 1972/73) and Steve Verco played 150 games.
  • Alan Doubleday reached 200 games.
  • Simon Morris reached 250 games to become an Association life member.
  • Shaun Hansen made it into the 300 wicket/ 3000 run club with 3000 runs, becoming the sixth player to achieve this. Shaun also became the third player to take 600 wickets and actually moved into second position on the wicket-taking list, passing Steve Skinner’s 604 wickets.
  • Heath Mackay became our third player to reach 7000 runs and the fastest to reach it, passing George Watkins and now being the player to have scored the most division 1 runs.
  • Aman Singh and John Warne took 100 wickets.


After a 20 year wait, the A Grade finally won Keswick’s third division 1 premiership. The side was captained by James Clarke. The A’s would win it from fourth, having 8 wins and 2 losses in the minor rounds. We defeated three-time winners Cove in the semi-final and Plympton at their home ground to claim the Grand Final. The 100 plus crowd celebrated in style.

Heath Mackay won his ninth John Robinson Batting Trophy accumulating 643 runs @ 71 with 5 scores of 50 or more. Russell Curyer had a fine all-rounders year, being second in the batting with 448 runs @ 64, including 2 centuries,  a highest score of 145, an winning the Kevin Anderson Bowling Trophy with 30 wickets including 3 & 5 wicket hauls. Russell also won the Simon Brett Fielder of the Year and Barry Kearsley A-Grade Player of the Year. This great year resulted in Russell becoming the second Keswick player to win the Hewett Medal for the best player in the Association.

Opening batsman Steve McRae also had a great all-rounders year making 412 runs and taking 21 wickets. Steve Verco, his opening partner would have his best A Grade year, making 343 runs to be an integral part of the side. Aman Singh also provided consistency with his spin taking 22 wickets. Heath Mackay was the player of the finals series for his 71no semi-final innings while chasing Cove’s score, to set us up with a 6 wicket win and for a quick 45 runs in the Grand Final. Usually an aggressive opener, Steve McRae was the player of the Grand Final with 53 runs from 189 balls. Steve also took 2/22 from 14 overs with the new ball.

​​The T20 was again captained by Scott Curyer. In the ASCA competition we won our first two games but it was deemed by the Association we played an ineligible player and our semi-final spot was awarded to Warradale. We redeemed ourselves in the SAMCA T20, where we won 4 games to make it onto Adelaide Oval. The first time Keswick has been represented on the hallowed turf. We played Virginia in the Grand Final and restricted them to 7/111 but we were comprehensively beaten in the run chase. Apram Waraich was T20 Cricketer of the Year taking 12 wickets @ 9 with 6 catches and a run out. Ricky Singh was our best batsman with 151 runs.

​The B Grade had been relegated to section 3 and was captained by Liam Harris. The B’s finished the year seventh with 5 wins and 5 losses. Liam Harris led the way with the bat scoring 307 runs. Liam Finn made 231 runs opening the batting and Gordon Florance made 211 runs.

Liam Finn was the leading bowler with 16 wickets, supported by first year player Jonas Varcoe with 14 wickets. Liam Harris won the division 3 Association Fielding Trophy in a great individual year.

​The C Grade was captained by John Warne in division 5 and finished top with 8 wins and 2 losses. They were unlucky to run into a highly-classed Western Youth side in the Grand Final. In his first year, Kamal Mohammed won the batting with 394 runs including his maiden century in the Grand Final (104). Alan Doubleday continued his brilliant form making 285 runs including his 15th century in the semi-final with a 109, opening the batting. His record of 16 centuries is the most ever by a Keswick cricketer. Shaun Hansen had a fine all-rounders year making 300 runs to go with his 36 wickets which would see him claim the team and the Association bowling trophy. Shaun took three 5 wicket hauls including a hat trick for his 600th wicket. Another first year player Wade Matthews scored 254 runs @ 50 including a 107no, while Sam Calleja also scored over 200 runs. Kamal Mohammed showed form with the ball as well, taking 20 wickets while Captain John Warne took 16 wickets and won the fielding trophy.

​The D Grade was captained by Barry Kearsley and finished eighth in section 7 but they brought many young and new players to the club – many from our junior sides. Former juniors including Kyad Ryan-Moore, Sam Nickolai, Harry Brake and Aston Bradbrook made their debuts.

David Giannotti was the stand out player for the year making 267 runs and taking 8 wickets. Michael Breton offered support with 217 runs. Fifteen-year-old Kyad Ryan-Moore took a 5/32 and tied for the bowling with 8 wickets. David Giannotti was the best fielder.


A Keswick first occurred during the year when in round 9, grandfather Paull, father Michael and grandson Aston played in the same game, while of course Lyn Bradbrook scored the outcome. A proud moment for the club and the family with the club having three generations playing in the same game for the first time. In that same game Danny Schmidt, enticed back to the club, made a score of 150. The three Bradbrooks also took three wickets with Paull and Michael opening the bowling, even though 69-year-old Paull only lasted one over.

​The Keswick Juniors grew from the first year entering two teams – an Under 14s and Under 12s team. Both teams were still in a development stage but performed well. Dan McCann coached the Under 14’s. Deacon Davis joined the juniors and was player of the year making 479 runs @ 119, including 4 fifties. He also took 10 catches and 8 wickets @ 10. Kyad Ryan-Moore also impressed with 187 runs @ 31 including a half century and he took 6 wickets @ 16. Harry Brake also took 8 wickets to tie for the bowling.

​The Under 12s was coached by Mark Brake with Craig Coretti his assistant. Reece Jones led the batting with 67 runs and he and Lewis Bennett took 7 wickets each.

​It was a fantastic year with the juniors now growing and success in the seniors. The A Grade premiership was the 25th premiership for Keswick and the most for any club in the Adelaide & Suburban Cricket Association – passing Plympton and making us the most successful club. The next year was holding much promise to build from this platform.

2016 - 17

The year would see Keswick marred by much tragedy. Two popular and much-loved members of the Keswick family would pass away. Colin Hopkins, who was serving as Treasurer and was a member of the Keswick father/son team in Division 9 (playing with son Alex) would tragically die of a heart attack just a few days after his 50th birthday. Glenn McGowran, who has played with Keswick since a junior, and was a former club Secretary, lost his courageous 10 year fight against an aggressive brain tumour, at the age of 39. Both were respected life members who are sorely missed, RIP.

The committee had a challenging task after losing our sponsorship with the Marion Hotel and having to find new home grounds. We had success on two fronts. Immanuel College turf ovals were secured as home grounds for the A’s, B’s and the juniors and our new home base would be The Junction.

Dr John Miller was President and Heath Mackay his Vice, Brad Williamson was again secretary and Colin Hopkins was Treasurer.

​Kamal Mohammed would have an extraordinary year winning the JJ Heptinstall Trophy and the Players Choice. He would crack the magical 1000 mark to win the JJ Hep with 1041 points. Dr John Miller and Brad Williamson were both awarded The Brian Part Club Person of the Year. Jay Burton won Under 21 Player of the Year. Russell Curyer won another Simon Brett Fielder of the Year and also added another Barry Kearsley A-Grade Cricketer of the Year.

​A new 7/7 format consisting of 8 sides, playing 7 one day games and 7 two day games was introduced. Keswick had teams in Section 1, 3, 5 and 9. The Juniors were going stronger and an Under 10s side was added to our existing under 12s and 14s. Mark and Nikki Brake were once again the coordinators for the Juniors.

​The A Grade, captained by James Clarke, struggled with 5 wins, 2 draws and 7 losses to finish fifth. Steve McRae won the John Robinson Batting Trophy with 384 runs. Russell Curyer scored 343 runs and Heath Mackay 299 runs. Greg Morris won his first Kevin Anderson Bowling Trophy with 18 wickets, including 6 for 33 in his 200th game. Craig Coretti took 16 wickets to be second in the bowling and Russell Curyer would win another Association fielding trophy.

​Steve McRae, Scott Curyer and Russell Curyer represented Keswick in the Association side, with Russell being in the SAMCA team of the year.

In the T20 competitions we lost in both first rounds of the knock-out matches.

​The B Grade, captained by Liam Harris finished fifth. Liam was the dominant player winning both the batting and the bowling. He made 238 runs and took 29 wickets @ 6, including two 5 wickets hauls. Gordon Florance was the only other batsman to score over 200 runs, taking 13 wickets including a hat trick vs South Road. Louis Steyn bowled the best figures during the year taking 8/44. Brad Williamson won the fielding.

​The C Grade was captained by Wade Matthews, winning 6 and losing 6 games, finishing seventh. Kamal Mohammed dominated making 539 runs @ 59, including 2 centuries and 4 half-centuries. He also won the bowling with 24 wickets. Captain Wade Matthews made 353 runs and also won the division 5 wicket-keeping. Alan Doubleday made 268 runs. Shaun Hansen took 20 wickets to go with his 12 catches to win the fielding for the year.

​The D Grade was made up of father/sons and had a great year winning 6, including 1 outright and losing 3, to finish fourth. They beat top side North Haven in the semi-final, but eventually lost the Grand Final to Hamilton. Captain Darren Nickolai was the best with the bat scoring 265 runs from Simon Morris, who from limited games scored 255 runs @ 51. Danny Schmidt scored 229 runs, including a high score of 136. A player from the under 14’s, Jay Burton won the bowling with 18 wickets. Aston Bradbrook and Sam Nickolai all showed great potential throughout the year with the promise to be great cricketers for Keswick in the years to come. Sam Nickolai won the fielding.

There were two notable highlights during the year for the D Grade. The team achieved a club record of 9/472 against top-side North Haven, with Matthew Smith scoring his first century. In addition, during the Grand Final, seven of the ten wickets were taken by our juniors – Aston Bradbrook 4, Jay Burton 2 and Sam Nickolai 1 wicket.

​​The Juniors were again a success with Jay Burton, Aston Bradbrook and Lewis Bennett representing the Association. Aston Bradbrook was Under 14 Cricketer of the Year and won the batting with 298 runs @ 149 to go with his 8 wickets and 6 catches. Jack Harris won the bowling with 13 wickets @ 6, and Deacon Davis took the most catches with 9. Deacon also scored 225 runs @ 112. Dan McCann was the coach.

​Sterling Hall was Under 12 Cricketer of the Year and won the bowling with 7 wickets. He also made 85 runs without being dismissed. Moses Sverdlow won the batting with 88 runs, and Ethan Douglass took the most catches with 5. Ray Hall coached the team and was ably helped by Craig Coretti. Mark Brake took on the role of coaching the newly-formed under 10’s side.

​Dale Hutchins was awarded life membership for his years of playing for the club, while Sam Calleja and Alan Doubleday were awarded Association life membership (both previously played at other clubs.)

  • ​Michael Breton took his 100thwicket for the club
  • Three all-rounders had milestones:
    • Steven McRae took 100 wickets and passed 2000 runs.
    • Gordon Florance passed 3000 runs
    • Liam Harris took 200 wickets and passed 2000 runs. In doing this within 117 games was the fastest to have achieved this feat. He was the 13th player to reach this milestone.
  • Scott Curyer played his 100th game.
  • Greg Morris played his 200th game and did it in style bowling the A’s to victory in his milestone game, taking 6 wickets. Greg has been a great club person since coming across to Keswick.
  • Life member Craig Coretti played 250 games. CC had been at the club since he was 12 years old and had won 5 Kevin Anderson Bowling Trophies. He was one of our most decorated players in Division 1 with 151 games. He has 440 wickets to be sixth of all time.
  • Life member Kevin Caulfield played 250 games. Kev has been one of the great clubmen and the best keeper/opening batsman we’ve seen at this club. He won the JJ Heptinstall Trophy in his debut year and has won 3 Association Wicket-Keeping awards (all in premiership years) to go with his 5422 runs (11th overall) as an opening batsman.

Life member Shaun Hansen played 300 games becoming the ninth to achieve this. To date he has 640 wickets (2nd of all time) and has won 13 Keswick bowling trophies and 4 Association bowling trophies. He has also been a premiership captain and a member of seven premiership teams.

2017 - 18

The season would see Keswick with 3 junior sides and dropping down to 4 senior sides after the father/son team decided to cease playing. The Executive committee was the same with Dr John Miller as President, Heath Mackay as Vice President, Brad Williamson as Secretary and Grant Murphy as Treasurer. Mark and Nikki Brake remained Junior Co-ordinators.

The A Grade, under James Clarke struggled and ended fifth. Russell Curyer dominated every statistic for the year. He won the John Robinson Batting Trophy with 364 runs (including a 121), and the Kevin Anderson Bowling Trophy with 29 wickets. He also won the A Grade Fielding Trophy and the Simon Brett Fielding and Association Fielding Trophies. He also won the JJ Heptinstall Trophy with 919 points for a record fifth time (passing Barry Kearsley with 4) and another Barry Kearsley A-Grade Cricketer of the Year and the Liebelt/Zadow Players Choice Award. He also represented Keswick in two Association games and won his 2nd Hewett Medal for the best player in the Association. He is the only Keswick player to have won this twice. It would be one of the years for an individual cricketer that Keswick has seen. Captain James Clarke contributed with 239 runs and Steve McRae took 21 wickets to also represent Keswick at Association level. At the end of the season, James Clarke resigned as captain, ending a 4 year stint, which yielded an A Grade premiership and a Grand Final. The club thanks him for his service.

​The T20 side was captained by Scott Curyer, and was knocked out in the first round.

​First-time captain Craig “CC” Coretti lead the B Grade brilliantly in Division 3 in an even side. Chris Jeffery won the batting with 383 runs from Ross Ormsby with 259 and Steve Verco with 218 runs. The bowling was led by CC with 31 wickets including three 5 wicket hauls and a best of 5/13. Dan McCann offered good support with 21 wickets including a 7/13. Ross Ormsby was the best fielder all year.

The B’s finished equal third in the minor round. They beat Coromandel Ramblers in the semi-final and then went on to beat Southern in the Grand Final in a great team effort. After not making 200 all year, they batted first and comfortably posted scores over 200 in both finals. Ross Ormsby made 85 runs in the Semi-final to go with his two outstanding catches in the semi-final and his catch in the grand final. Will Worthington made 64 runs in the semi-final. Chris Jeffery was player of the finals with 58 runs in the semi-final and 54 in the grand final, in addition to his catches and crucial wickets.

​The C Grade finished top of Division 6 with ten wins, including an outright and 4 losses. They were captained by Wade Matthews and unfortunately lost the semi-final after a great year. Alan Doubleday led the batting again with 408 runs @ 40, including his sixteenth century. Kamal Mohammed also made 390 runs and Simon Morris added another century with a match winning 111. Nicholas Matthews led the bowling with 22 wickets from Shaun Hansen with 20 wickets to go with his 194 runs. Nicholas Matthews won the Association and C Grade fielding.

​​The Under 14s were coached by Craig Douglass who had great assistance from Bruce and Kirrily Burton. Player of the Year was Jay Burton, winning the batting with 160 runs and the bowling with 11 wickets. Jay was also selected in the Association side. Jayden Rea took the most catches with 6. Aston Bradbrook only played 6 games but made 146 runs @ 73.

​The Under 12s were coached by Ray Hall and Craig Coretti. Sterling Hall was Player of the Year. He won the batting with 152 runs, took the most catches with 4 and took 6 wickets. He also represented Keswick at Association level. Luke Rosenhain took the most wickets with 9.

​Mark Brake coached the Under 10s and Girls side with help from his wife Nikki. While the Girls side was only in the early stages and statistics were not kept it had been a lifelong dream of the Brakes for Keswick to have a girls’ team and it should be a legacy that they should be proud of and one the club is keen to grow. It was the first girl’s side in our 76 year history.

​Bruce and Kirrily Burton would be Club People of the year for their outstanding work with the Juniors and commitment to growing the Juniors programme.

  • ​Two former premiership teammates John Warne and Mark Lewis celebrated 100 games.
  • ​Russell Curyer played 150 games and passed 4000 runs and 200 wickets to be one of our great all-rounders.
  • Darren Ridings became the third father/son to reach 150 games after debuting in 1984/85 with his family contributing 432 games for Keswick and 8488 runs (Ian Ridings, life member and his brother Gary).
  • Heath Mackay celebrated his 200th game to be our leading A Grade run scorer of all time. He has a record 9 John Robinson batting trophies. It was special to see two of our greatest A Graders, Russell Curyer and Heath Mackay celebrating their milestones in the same game.
  • Ross Ormsby and Steve Verco passed 4000 runs.
  • Brad Williamson passed 5000 runs to join his father (Peter “Kipper” Williamson) with 5000 runs.
  • Simon Morris reached 6000 runs to become our 7th player to achieve this.
  • Alan Doubleday notched up 8000 runs to be our second player to reach this milestone. He has the most centuries for the club with 16 and three double centuries with a club highest score of 226 runs.

​​Our second and third highest run scorers were awarded life membership. Alan Doubleday for his years of playing service was awarded life membership. He has amassed 8340 runs and been a 5-time premiership player. Heath Mackay was also awarded life membership for his years of service. He has scored 7573 runs and is the highest run scorer in A Grade with 13 division 1 centuries and 9 John Robinson Batting Trophies. Off the field he has also been a massive contributor, being on committee for 8 years, including being vice president for 4 years.

2018 - 19

The season began with Dr John Miller as President, Heath Mackay once again his Vice, Brad Williamson as Secretary and Grant Murphy as Treasurer.

​​The A Grade was captained by Scott Curyer and after finishing fourth in the minor rounds, beat the minor premiers in the Semi-Final and made the Grand Final. Unfortunately we had one of our worst days against ICC Sharks and lost on the first day.

Ricki Singh won his first John Robinson Batting Trophy with 464 runs as a keeper/batsman, including 5 fifties. Ricki took 17 catches and 2 stumpings as a wicket-keeper to also win the Association Wicket-keeping Trophy in a great year. Russell Curyer once again excelled making 446 runs and winning the Kevin Anderson Bowling Trophy with 31 wickets including a 6/38 in the semi-final – to win another Barry Kearsley A-Grade Player of the Year. Will Worthington as the opening batsman scored 327 runs. Nick Cruise and Apram Waraich took 16 wickets each.

Russell Curyer won the fielding, represented the Association and was in the SAMCA Team of the Year.

​The T20 team played one game in the knock-out stage and were comprehensively beaten. They were captained by Scott Curyer.

​In Section 2, the B Grade were out of their depth. Under Craig Coretti they only won two games, finishing second to bottom. They used 42 players in an extremely tough year, losing 3 games outright. Chris Jeffery was the best with the bat with 360 runs followed by Brad Williamson with 205 runs. Only one other batsman scored over 100 runs for the year. The bowling was won by Gagandeep Dhillon with 13 wickets. Chris Jeffery also won the fielding.

In a positive for the club it was great to see two former juniors Jack Harris and Deakin Davis play up the grades with Deakin having a good year with both bat and ball in the A Grade and Jack Harris with the ball in the B Grade.

​In Section 6, the C Grade had 6 wins and 6 losses to also finish 2nd bottom in a disappointing year. They were captained by Wade & Nicholas Matthews. New player Sammy Ahmed won the batting with 432 runs @ 54, including two centuries with a top score of 138no. Sidhu Singh scored 353 runs and Captain Wade Matthews 326 runs @ 65, including a 120no. Kamal Mohammed won the bowling with 18 wickets to go with his 255 runs. Sidhu Singh took 17 wickets and Samir Varkey from limited games took 16 wickets including two 6 wicket hauls. Nicholas Matthews won the fielding for the team and the Section 6 Association Fielding Trophy.

​The Juniors once again had Mark and Nikki Brake doing a superb job as Junior Co-ordinators. Mark Brake and Craig Coretti coached the under 12s and Girls team. The Under 12s team was dominated by Mason Rees, winning Player of the Year. He made 191 runs and took 7 wickets. Dashiel Rucioch tied for the bowling with 7 wickets and James Hindle took the most catches with 4.

​The Girl’s team played on Friday nights and ended up with 10 players. Elly Brake and Scout Sylva-Richardson ended up playing senior women’s cricket for the Glenelg Sea Ponies. Well done girls.

​Ross Ormsby coached the Under 10s and did a great job with the boys having a great year and having 10 players overall.

​The Juniors faced an uncertain future with the withdrawal of the Under 14s team at the last minute. The Brakes have the clubs admiration for fighting hard to keep the rest of the Juniors strong. Mark and Nikki Brake announced that they were stepping down as Junior Co-ordinators and the club thanks them for all their assistance over the years and hard-work in keeping the Juniors going and for especially getting our first Girls team up and running.


  • ​​Craig Coretti made 2000 runs to become the 16th player to have the 200 wickets/2000 runs milestone.
  • Steve McRae, after coming across from Westminster, played his 100th game, all in Section 1 to be one of our best ever recruits and the first of the former Westminster players to reach this milestone.
  • Dean Thomas became the longest player to reach a milestone since debut. He started in 1975/76 and reached 200 games after 43 years.
  • Brad Williamson reached 300 games and in doing so become the first father/son to play 300 games each at the one club (father Peter Williamson). Brad has been on committee for 11 years, is current Secretary and captained for 5 years in total, including the A Grade.


​​Russell Curyer was awarded life membership for his playing contribution and for statistically, being our best player and his outstanding committee work.

Russell Curyer won the JJ Heptinstall Trophy with 959 points and tied for the Simon Brett Fielder of the Year with Nicholas Matthews. Deakin Davis was the Under 21 Player of the Year. For their outstanding assistance with the Juniors, Vic and Craig Coretti were awarded the Brian Part Club Person of the Year.​​

Sadly one of our first ever players Jack Lynch and life member Deane Standley passed away during the year. Deane was on the committee for 11 years and captained for 7 years. He played 173 games and made 2036 runs, taking 17 wickets. Jack played in Keswick’s first ever game in October 1944 as a 15 year old. He scored 103* in October 1949, and represented the Association in 1950-51, 51-52 and 1952-53 – top scoring with 51 runs. Jack played in Keswick’s first premiership in 1952-53.

2019 - 20

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2020 - 21

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